(Video) Gucci Mane Flosses In His New 2016 Rolls Royce

Gucci Mane is now getting back to the swing of things. He now has his license back so what better way to celebrate than to buy a new Rolls Royce.

(Video) NFL: Brandon Marshall Bets His Porsche He’ll Have More Receiving Yards Than Antonio Brown!

Brandon Marshall got his quarterback locked in yesterday when Ryan Fitzpatrick agreed to a one-year, $12 million, fully guaranteed contract with the New York Jets.  He’s feeling so confident, he put up his amazing car on a very interesting bet.

(Video) #RichPeopleProblems: Chris Brown Seems To Be Having Trouble Opening The Doors To His Rolls Royce

Unlike most, Chris Brown does seem to have a few more “real” problems than most rich people who just have to deal with which island they plan to vacation to. However for Breezy, it seems that his #RichPeopleProblems kicked in when he was having trouble opening the doors to his Rolls Royce Wraith. From the help of some of his homies who were with him, they were able to figure out how to unlock the door to CB’s SUPER expensive whip. Check the video below. Ah, rich people problems. Must be nice.

(Photo) NBA: Udonis Haslem Drives His Cousin To Prom In His Rolls Royce

How about having a famous cousin to make sure you roll to your high school prom in style; in a Rolls Royce that is. Well Udonis Haslem made sure his younger cousin had the opportunity to put those perks to good use when Haslem chauffeured his cousin and his date to prom. That definitely had to turn heads.

(Video + Photo) Floyd Mayweather Has Over A 100 Cars, Now Meet The Dealers Who Sold It To Him

When your net worth is estimated at $400 million what else are you suppose to do?

Uh Oh! Katt Williams Claims The Rolls-Royce Car Accident Was A Set-Up!

Katt Williams has been causing some ruckus lately and every time something goes down, he always blames the other person. A few days ago, the comedian was on the road in his Rolls-Royce when he crashed into another car that he claims was “talking sh*t” and “trying to start a fight” while taking pics.” He says the Honda Civic swerved in front of him causing him to slam on the breaks and crash into the car. The driver of the Civic was taken to the hospital for “minor back pains” and claims Williams was speeding, but the cops do not believe them. Katt thinks the people are just out for a quick come up and want to get paid off of the accident. What do you think?

(Photos) French Montana Scoops His Wifey Khloe From JFK Airport In His Rolls Royce

Amidst reports French Montana tried to get with a radio intern behind her back (I’m not buying it!), Khloe Kardashian was unfazed as she landed at JFK airport yesterday morning and was scooped up by her rapper beau and his new Rolls Royce. Both parties looked excited to see each other as Khloe returned back to the Big Apple from a quick trip for the fam in L.A., and were later spotted out and about on the streets of NYC running errands together. These two make such a cute couple! Check out a few more paparazzi shots in the gallery!

Whip Game NOT Proper! Kim K’s Assistant Crashed The Ghost!

Imagine being Kim Kardashian’s personal assistant and the perks that come with the job — like driving Kim’s car. Well, that happens and unfortunately, Kim’s assistant parallel double parked the Ghost sideways into a mailbox and scratched/dented the Rolls Royce. See for yourself after the jump!

(Photos) Kim K’s Assistant Messed Up Her $300,000 Car?!

And this is Kim Kardashian’s car so you know we’re talking money here to repair the thing. Over the weekend Kim’s assistant scratched up her $300,000 Rolls Royce leaving what could add up to $20,000 in damages! Kims being pretty forgiving though. Check out the pics after the jump!

(Video) Whoa! So THIS Is What A Rolls Royce Van Looks Like!!!

For Tyrese, stuntin is a habit. That is, after we saw him enjoying Dr. Dre’s most recent business endeavor. Now, it’s reported that Black Ty, along with Game, took a trip to Vegas from L.A. for pizza. While that in itself may seem like a big deal, it’s nothing compared to his ride of choice: a Rolls Royce Sprinter Van. Check it out after the jump.

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