(Photo)What! Father In Utah Rescues Daughter During Kidnapping!!

One heroic step father rescued his step daughter from the clutches of a kidnapper of their own home. The Father claims he woke up in the middle of the night and heard strange noises and went to investigate.

3 Dead, 10 Missing In Blaze At Jersey Shore Motel That Housed Sandy Victims

Early this morning a fire left three dead and 10 people missing at a Jersey Shore motel. The residents of this motel included Superstorm Sandy victims who were staying there because their homes remain uninhabitable nearly a year and a half after the storm. This is an unfortunate story, read more below.

Governor Christie Faces Criticism For Commercial About Hurricane Sandy

Federal officials are questioning whether Governor Chris Christie inappropriately used funds allocated for federal relief efforts. The main criticism arises from a choice the Governor made to shoot a commercial that looks like a tourism ad. According to the Daily News, the ad featured Christie’s family discussing Hurricane Sandy. In the promotional ad, the Governor, his wife, Mary Pat, and his children say that the summer destination is back in business. What do you think?! Let us know below!

Cash Out! Former Goldman Sachs Janitor Sues For How Much???

This story crazy, This former Goldman Sachs employee is suing his former employer for 10 million dollars because they threw him out of the building the day Storm Sandy hit even though he spent days and nights setting up preparation for the storm. This man had to walk all the way home in the storm and he did not live close. The janitor was fired after the storm for stealing $100 but the former employee denies the accusation. check out the rest of the story.

(Photos) Have No Fear Guidos, Seaside Heights Boardwalk To Open By Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s time to take out the spray-tan and hair gel because Seaside Heights boardwalk is going to be open sooner than we thought! Following the horrific Hurricane that beat into the entire Jersey shore, iconic Seaside Heights was left a ravaged mess. Earlier today, Mayor Bill Akers announced that the re-construction of the boardwalk has begun and the boardwalk is expected to be open by Memorial Day Weekend. Being a Jersey girl, everyone knows that Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer and many people flock to Seaside to hit the clubs or the beach so I’m really hoping Seaside will be back to normal! Check out some pics of construction in the gallery.

Senate Passes $50.5 Billion Hurricane Sandy Aid Bill!!!

The Senate has passed a $50.5 Billion dollar Hurricane Sandy Aid Bill. The House already ok’d it, and now they’re just waiting for Obama to sign it to make it official. Click below for more details.

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