Scam Alert: Jhonni Blaze Beating Club Promoters Out Of Their Money?

Well Well Well. According to a tip to fameolous, Jhonni Blaze is making ends off of club promoters. The tipster says, “Jhonni is on IG making fake pages of herself & and stealing money from promoters claiming to be an imposter [sic] …” Apparently, all of the fake pages have the same contact information in the Instagram biography. Find out more down bottom.

Disgusting: Mom Shaves Daughter’s Head To Scam People For Cancer Donation Money

In 2015, it is rare that people can truly surprise me at this point. However, a mother who goes by the name of Juanita Garcia seemed to take the cake for being a completely disgusting human being. The 46-year-old allegedly shaved her 7-year-old daughter’s head to make it look like she had cancer. She did so to scam people for donation money by organizing several fundraisers to “raise money” for her daughter’s treatments that ended up to not even exist. Garcia told people her daughter had “terminal cancer,” which she admitted was all a lie during questioning. In fact, her daughter is in perfect health.

Soulja Boy Gets Swindled By HoverBoard Scammers

It looks like someone is trying to take Soulja Boy’s money, and he isn’t having it! According to reports Love and Hip Hop Hollyowood star, Soulja Boy is being scammed for about $175,000 by Hoverboard purchasers who are using fraudulent credit cards. Read more after the jump!

(Photos) Meek Mill Blasts Dealer for Scamming Him On a Luxury Car

Uh Oh! Looks like someone forgot to get that Car Fax in order…things may be all good otherwise but riding around in style has come at a cost for the Philly native. Meek Mill Blasts Dealer for Scamming Him On a Luxury Car and airs them out on social, warning others of the alleged scam and letting his frustration be known!

If You Hear About Some Upcoming Drake Shows In The U.S. – They May Be A Scam!

A promoter is going around advertising an 8-city U.S. tour for Drake come this May, including stops in Miami and Houston…problem is, it’s a scam! According to TMZ, Drizzy is NOT performing at any of the venues this spring and is asking his fans to call the cops if they’ve already been duped into purchasing tickets. Drake’s crew reportedly have not yet identified the scammer, but they’re on the hunt…and “out for blood.”

(Photo) NFL: Prostitutes Warren Sapp Was Caught With Have Been Running Scams On Men In NYC

This story just gets worse and worse and worse for Warren Sapp. It is bad enough he was caught with prostitutes when he had his own girlfriend close by. Then he wound up charged with assault on top of soliciting a prostitute after the women claim Sapp attacked them. He even showed police a video he recorded of one of the women going down on him, thinking it would help his case. Instead it showed police clear evidence of the act involving money and prostitutes, which was $600! He lost his job and other sources of income and now comes a tale that these women have been scamming men they think are wealthy for years and they probably set Sapp up from the jump.

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