Verizon Arguing With The FCC???

FCC Dropped the Net Neutrality Rules last month and it hasn’t really sat well with the Major carriers since the new rules require ISPs(Carriers) to be transparent about their network management practices, and forbid them from blocking any lawful application or service or discriminating against different types of traffic, See What Verizon has to say about it in there Press Release! @TatWza

Carrier Wars: T-Mobile Stabs at AT&T and Verizon In 1 Commercial!!!!

As the carrier wars heat up now that Verizon has the iPhone coming to there arsenal, and since T-Mobile was already getting at AT&T’s iPhone, they decided to throw verizon in, is that a stab at apple you ask? Not at all because the representative in said commercial series is really an innocent Bystander, so it’s just the carriers! @TatWza

Sprint Promises Industry 1st On Feb. 7th!!!!

I really want to know what this is, I’m going to investigate, work some connections and see if I can’t uncover the Secret…But if not I’ll let you know what this is Feb 7th, and especially how they plan on using David Blaine, maybe he make the palm pre work great, that would be magic!!! @TatWza

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