Damn, Stacey Dash Was Fired From Fox News On Her Day Off!

After all of that selling out and catering to the FOX News crowd, Stacey Dash has been dumped on her behind. The network decided not to renew the actress/host’s contract after two years with them, and made the announcement while Dash was relaxing at home over the weekend.

Stacey Dash Throws Shade At Beyonce’s Mom

Stacey Dash is practically enemy number one. This mostly comes form her endorsement of Donald Trump and disrespect of President Obama. Well today she has given people another reason to despise her. Dash put up an instagram post recently shading the mother of none other than Queen B. The shade stemmed from momma Knowles taking a picture with Kelly Rowland who was dressed as Dionne from Clueless. As we all know Dionne was the character played by Stacey Dash in clueless. More on the story after the jump.

(Video) Stacey Dash Comes For Jesse Williams

Here comes Stacey Dash with her opinions. She is not here for Jesse Williams as she calls him a hollywood plantation slave.

(Photo) SZA Is Not Here For Stacey Dash And Donald Trump’s Remarks

In the light of the tragic massacre in Orlando, everyone is expressing their thoughts on the matter. SZA took to comment on Stacey Dash’s remarks on the whole tragedy and the comment she made about Donald Trump. SZA was not here for it telling Dash to keep quiet.

(Video) Stacey Dash Is Officially BUGGING, Says Black Movies Should End

We’ve watched Stacey Dash grace the silver screen and television screens over the past couple of decades. Everybody loved her until the inevitable occurred after Dash decided to support Mitt Romney, opposed to President Obama in the 2012 elections. The love almost instantly disappeared and the drama began, four years later and she’s still digging herself into a deeper hole within the black community.

(Photo) Stacey Dash Speaks On Sexual Abuse And Drug Addiction

Apart from all the foolery the world has heard Stacey Dash say, she has a lot of skeletons in the closet that has helped mold her into the person she is today. Her memoir, There Goes My Social Life, which coms out June 6, gave Dash a chance to speak on a lot of things she is currently still recovering from.

(Photo) Stacey Dash Endorses Trump!

Stacey is back again with the republican antics click more for the Dash dish

(Video) Stacey Dash Gives Prince Eulogy on Fox.

We are no stranger to actress Stacey Dash and some of her outlandish comments in regards to race issues. Agree with her or not on those, she had nothing but amazing things to say about the purple icon Prince.

Stacey Dash Believes Donald Trump Is “Street” Not Violent

Following Trump’s Chicago protest, Stacy Dash had a lot to say. She voiced her opinion on her blog saying that she doesn’t think Donald Trump is a violent man.

(Video) Stacey Dash Says “We Got Blacked Into” Voting For President Obama

Stacey Dash is at it again, speaking for the group least likely to agree with a word that comes from her mouth. In a recent interview she discusses President Obama’s election into office, stating that the country is more divided than ever since his presidency began, and we only voted for him because he is Black. Listen to the audio after the jump!

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