IFWT_Stacey Dash

We’ve watched Stacey Dash grace the silver screen and television screens over the past couple of decades. Everybody loved her until the inevitable occurred after Dash decided to support Mitt Romney, opposed to President Obama in the 2012 elections. The love almost instantly disappeared and the drama began, four years later and she’s still digging herself into a deeper hole within the black community.

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Dash sat down with the Hollywood Reporter for an interview recently and spoke on her recent slew of racial commentary. Regarding the Oscar’s stint, Dash states, host Chris Rock asked her to play along with the skit and that it was a joke. Do you think joking about Black History Month was the best idea? I think not, let’s revisit that moment and you let me know what you think.

Interviewers also asked Dash if diversity was an issue within Hollywood community and she said:

It’s absolutely a problem, but a diversity outreach program won’t solve it. Movie casting being colorblind is the way to solve it. Stop segregating films. We have Black Hollywood and Hollywood. You know that, and I know that. We should get rid of black films, and everybody just make films.

Actors have been typecast for years. It’s very visible in many films and it has nothing to do with color. While I’m sure there are racial issues that exist in Hollywood, there are those kinds of issues all over. However, there are many barriers that have been broken over the years and many more to go. Directors and Actors should have the freedom to write about whatever they want and continue going for roles that they may identify with. Some of the best cinema has been created by Black Hollywood and I think we as a people should be proud and keep striving for greatness. To add the cherry on top, Dash announced earlier this year that she was planning on supporting Republican Donald Trump.