Norman Seabrook, until this morning was the President of the New York City Correction Officer’s Benevolent Association. He was arrested in his Bronx home on federal fraud charges, after 21 years of service. Seabrook was a corrections officer since 1985.

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Seabrook wasn’t the only one arrested today, Manhattan Hedge Fund Financier/ Founder of Platinum Partners, Murray Huberfeld was also taken into federal custody. Seabrook is being accused of accepting thousands of dollars in bribes in exchange for millions from the Correction’s Officer’s Benevolent Association to the Platinum Partners retirement fund. The arrest is linked to one out of seven corruption investigations focused on Mayor DeBlasio campaign fundraising.

Back in March 2014, the Correction Officer’s Benevolent Association invested approximately, $20 million with Platinum Partners. The initial surveillance on Seabrook began in 2013, after he developed relations with a couple of businessmen who contributed to DeBlasio’s campaign. Both Seabrook and Humberfeld are facing a single count of conspiracy to wire commit fraud and a single count of honest wire fraud.

Source: CBS News