Zendaya was spotted out with Odell Beckham Jr. at a Grammy party but they were chaperoned by her dad who says the outing was an “audition.” I guess it didn’t go too well cuz Zendaya now says she and OBJ are just homies but she would consider this NBA star.

TMZ Sports caught up with Zendaya at The Grove in LA and discussed her favorite team, the Golden State Warriors.  She says Stephen Curry is her favorite player on the team but we know he’s married to Ayesha Curry.  So she was asked if she would go on a date with Klay Thompson to which she replied sure why not.

The photog says they would make a cute couple and they indeed would but Zendaya is a gorgeous sweetheart and Klay seems to be occupied with IG models so I would advise her to steer clear; at least for now.

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