(Photo) Taylor Swift Back On Social Media


Taylor has been in the news a lot lately, and we still don’t really know if she approved Kanye calling her B***h, in the recording that wasn’t stated lol. Anywho today Taylor got back on social media to wish one of her best friends a Happy Birthday.

(Video) Jermaine Dupri Defends Kanye West Over “Famous” Taylor Swift Situation


JD weighs in on the Kanye/Taylor/KimKardashian situation and sticks to his guns with Kanye West, clarifying in certain ways that Ye did indeed make Swift famous.

Sheesh: Rest In Peace Taylor Swift Mural Painted In Australia


In Australia there is a Taylor Swift mural that makes it looks like she is dead. Im assuming it’s due to the Kanye and Taylor beef but this is pretty harsh.

Taylor Swift Hasn’t Pulled The Plug On Kanye West Lawsuit Just Yet


Taylor Swift is not taking it easy on Kanye just yet. There was a story going around that Kim and Kanye were in the clear as far as Taylor Swift suing them for recording her conversation. Reason being was because there reportedly is a law stating if a person knows they are being recorded they can not sue. According to Taylors camp, this is BS.

(Photo) Taylor Swift’s Best Friend Mentions North West In A Tweet And Twitter Goes Crazy


What are best friends for? To defend and go to war with you right? Well Taylor Swift’s best friend does exactly that but unfortunately it back fired on her after she mentioned North West in the whole Swift/Kardashian-West beef. Twitter was not trying to hear it as they told Abigail Anderson not to include a baby in the drama.

Kim & Kanye Will NOT Face Prosecution For Leaking Taylor Swift Phone Call


Taylor Swift won’t be protected by the law in this debacle with Kim and Kanye West, after Kim tried to “expose” Taylor by leaking the phone call where she approves of the line “I made that bitch famous.” I still didn’t hear that part.

Taylor Swift Reportedly Threatened Legal Action Over The Recorded Phone Call Back In Feb.


Despite saying she’d never spoken to Kanye on the phone as he’d claimed, Taylor certainly did – and knew right when it happened that it could hurt her. According to TMZ, the singer had threatened legal action back in February after finding out that Ye had recorded their call about his “Famous” song. The site reports that Tay’s lawyer fired off a letter to Ye and his team, sternly making it clear that the tape should be destroyed. They also reminded him that if it was recorded in California, both parties must consent to a recorded convo, otherwise it’s a felony. (However, if it was recorded in almost any other state, only one party’s consent is required, so Ye would be just fine.)

(Photo) Update: Taylor Swift Responds To Kim Kardashian Revealing Her & Kanye’s “Famous” Phone Call


Taylor Swift defended herself pretty quickly after Kim Kardashian West just tried to expose her of approving the now infamous “Famous” lyric about her & Ye having sex.

(Video) Kim Kardashian Defends Kanye West And Pulls Out Some Receipts And Exposes Taylor Swift


Looks like Taylor Swift and her team have some explaining to do. When Kanye West dropped The Life Of Pablo there was a specific track that had Taylor Swift enraged. Kanye’s song “Famous” made reference of Taylor in the song. When the song dropped Taylor claimed that Kanye never asked her permission to use her name in the song but Kim Kardashian pulled out those receipts. Mrs.West posted to Snapchat the conversation between Kanye and Taylor and I have to say Taylor really played herself.

(Video) Kim K. Explains Why She Talked About Taylor Swift In GQ: “I’ve Had It!”

ifwt_Kim K MM

Last month, Kim Kardashian graced the cover of GQ, and got uncharacteristically shady toward Taylor Swift in the interview. We all know of Taylor’s history with Kim’s husband, Kanye West, but always the well-trained media darling, we’ve never really seen/heard Kim publicly bash anyone like that. Guess those claws come out when you mess with Mama Bear’s family!

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