(Photo) Kendrick Lamar Will Play Welven Da Great In Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video


Kendrick Lamar will star in Taylor Swifts music video for her song “Bad Blood”, but not as Kendrick Lamar…as Vine superstar Welven Da Great! Hop into the post for all the details and photos! #IFWT!!!

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(Photos) About Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video Premiere … It Stars Kendrick Lamar!


Sunday, May 17th, the Billboard Music Awards will air; also to air during the annual showcase will be the premiere of Taylor Swift’s new track, “Bad Blood”. As if that didn’t tickle your fancy, there will some of THE dopest acts to guest star in the video premiere, including our favorite Compton emcee, Kendrick Lamar.

Drop down bottom for more details.

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(Photos) And Another One….. Taylor Swift Gets Cozy With Rita Ora’s Ex Super Producer Calvin Harris

IFWT_Talor Swift & Cavin Harris

Oh brother. Looks like the unlucky in love pop star Taylor Swift is trying her hand at love again. After several attempts of being in high profile dalliances with the likes of John Meyer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas just to name a few, looks like Taylor made be adding an additional notch to her belt; and another one….. Taylor Swift gets cozy with Rita Ora’s ex super producer Calvin Harris? Yup. Peep the two out kicking it on multiple occasions inside.

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(Video) Taylor Swift Finally Shares Her Review Of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’

Taylor Swift Trademarks "This Sick Beat" Phrase

We are patiently waiting for a Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar Collaboration but it looks like were getting closer and closer every day. Hop into the post to check out Taylor Swifts review on the new Kendrick Lamar’s New Album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’. #IFWT

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NBA: What’s on Jimmy Butler’s Warmup Playlist? Country Music & Taylor Swift…


When most athletes tell what’s on their pregame playlist, it’s usually hip hop like Drake, Kanye West and even some throwbacks like Biggie, Tupac and DMX or even Rock and any kind of music that get’s you pumped.  Even New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady listed Jay-Z as his go to choice.  But when Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler was asked, he had quite a surprising answer.

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(Video) Kanye West “Stole” Old Dirty Bastard’s Act?


Kanye West “Stole” Old Dirty Bastard’s Act? Kanye West is Notorious for well, being Kanye West. His most recent stunt was running on stage when Beck received his award. He recently apologized for his actions. But in the same breath said his actions generated more awareness for Beck. Note to self Kanye ( that’s not a real apology). He also has made up with Taylor Swift and the two have sat down and had lunch. Kanye is over the top but he isn’t doing anything new. Old Dirt Bastard did it years ago. Check out the clip after the jump.

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This Is Going To Be Interesting! A Kanye West x Taylor Swift Collab?!

Kanye West x Taylor Swift

Could a Kanye West x Taylor Swift collaboration be happening? Seems like it! The outspoken Yeezy called into Ryan Seacrest’s show this morning to discuss his Beck incident at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, and of course the subject of Taylor Swift came up, considering the whole fiasco was a recreation of his Taylor VMA crash in 2009.

Check out what Ye said below!

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At Last! Diplo & Taylor Swift Peace It Up After He Tells Her To “Make A Kickstarter To Get A Booty”


Popular DJ Diplo and singer/songwriter Taylor Swift made amends during the Grammy Awards this past Sunday after a very public feud that was plastered all over our Twitter timelines. The beef all started after Diplo, who was rumored to be dating Katy Perry at the time, tweeted a mean message to his followers that said, “Someone should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty” back in November, including a link to an actual Kickstarter page (which raised $45 for Taylor’s booty injections). Being the good friend that she is, artist Lorde came for Diplo’s jugular and tweeted to him, “@diplo should we do something about your tiny penis while we’re at it hm.”

Luckily for the Pop/Dance world, all sides are now buddies again after T. Swift and Diplo flicked it up together at the Grammys. He posted up the photo to his Instagram page captioning it, “Then this happened @taylorswift vs taylor spliff #grammys2015.” We are overjoyed to see these two burying the hatchet and becoming buddies again. See the whole ordeal between Diplo vs. Taylor Swift/Lorde over in the gallery. My money was on Lorde anyways. She looks like she does NOT play around!

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Beck Responds To Kanye West ALMOST Disrupting His Acceptance Speech For Winning ‘Album Of The Year’ Grammy!


There was a big upset last night at the Grammy Awards after Beck took home the award for “Album of The Year” over Beyonce. In fact, it was such a big surprise to everyone that even Beck himself doubted that he would walk home with the award. Luckily he has a great sense of humor and poked fun at Kanye West jokingly coming up on stage, making it seem like he was going to pull a stunt similar to what he did back in 2009 to Taylor Swift.

“I was so excited he was coming up! He deserves to be on that stage,” Beck said when asked about how he felt when Yeezy joined him on stage. He also added that he was not offended when West told E! News that he feels Beck should have give his award to Beyonce. “Come on, she’s Beyonce! I absolutely thought she was going to win,” Beck added. He even explains that he still “loves Kanye” and believes he is a “complete musical genius.”

Shout out to Beck for taking Kanye’s semi-rude and arrogant antics like a champ. He is officially the real MVP of the Grammys!

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Katy Perry Calls Kanye West A Villain

Katy Perry x Kanye West

Katy Perry has infamously feuded with Taylor Swift in recent times, and has been quite chummy and even had a smash hit (“E.T.”) with Kanye West, so the headlines that she called Taylor a sweetheart and Ye a villain might be a bit confusing to some. However, it’s not what it sounds like.

“You’ve got to name someone the villain, someone the princess, someone the mom-, the dad-type—you know, there always have to be characters,” Katy told Elle Magazine in her new cover story. “As pop figures, we’re all characters. And the media uses that. Who is the sweetheart, who is the villain? You know. Taylor’s the sweetheart. Kanye’s the villain. That’s the narrative.”

See! Not so bad after all, huh? The issue hits newsstands February 17.

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