(Photo/Video) Celebs React to Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Visual


Kanye West’s visual for his song “Famous” are beginning to weigh in on the celebrities he ‘featured’ in. There’s a range of mixed emotions, and an emotion we were all not surprised to hear about is how pissed Taylor Swift is.

Taylor Swift Wants KimYe To Leave Her Alone


Earlier this week Kim Kardashian had a interview with GQ, in which she mention that Taylor Swift knew that Kanye would be calling her the b-word in his song “Famous”. Kim claims that Taylor approved.

Kim Kardashian Says Taylor Swift Lied On Kanye; Taylor Responds

Kanye West x Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian West’s sexy pics weren’t the only thing she gave us with her GQ cover – she’s also dropping some dirt in the accompanying interview! The story goes that before dropping The Life of Pablo, Kanye West called up former enemy-turned-friend, Taylor Swift, to get her approval for his line about her on “Famous.” On it, he raps:

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex Why? I made that bitch famous”

Ye says they chatted for an hour and laughed over the line, but Taylor has spoken out against it, saying (via her team) that she never gave him approval, and the only convo they had on the phone was about her tweeting his album link. She also took the time to take a dig at Ye during her Grammy acceptance speech – which, according to Kim, was the biggest slap in the face of all.

(Video) Calvin Harris Feels Betrayed By Taylor Swift Who Now Has A New Boyfriend Just Weeks After Breakup


Taylor Swift is tryna get her groove back as she is now dating another man. Swift has been seeing actor Tom Hiddleston just two weeks after breaking up with Calvin Harris. Photos had also surfaced of Swift and Hiddleston kissing.

(Photo) Calvin Harris Speaks On Breakup With Taylor Swift


As the world is super down over Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breaking up, Calvin finally releases a statement. He says although the two have broken up there is still a lot of love remaining.

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Call It Quits…But Why?


C The relationship that enthralled fans of both T. Swift & Calvin Harris has come to an end, after 15 months of dating.

Man Detained At Taylor Swift’s Home


Once again, Taylor Swift’s home is the scene of an arrest. A man showed up to Swifts NYC home on Tuesday. Swift’s guards detained the man after calling 911. Police say the man was ‘disoriented’ when they arrived.

Taylor Swift Makes $73.5 Million Last Year, Dominates Top Music Earners List


That’s not even fair lol. Miss Swift comes in at #1 on Billboard’s annual Top Music Earner’s List, surpassing the #2 spot by $33 Million. She made more last year than most people will ever make in their life and is still humble & generous as ever. See the full list after the jump.

(Video) “Im’a Let You Finish But…” Kanye’s Back At It Again!


It looks like weddings aren’t even a safe space for Kanye to not act like Kanye. Check out the wedding reception, where Mr. West playfully references the iconic moment he shared with Taylor Swift a few years back.

Taylor Swift Says She Is Over The Whole Kanye Beef


Taylor Swift is now making a Public Service Announcement, letting us all know, she is over the beef with Kanye. Even though it’s clearly still bothering Kanye, as we see he has bought it up recently, Taylor says she does not want to add anymore fuel to the fire.

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