(Video) “Im’a Let You Finish But…” Kanye’s Back At It Again!


It looks like weddings aren’t even a safe space for Kanye to not act like Kanye. Check out the wedding reception, where Mr. West playfully references the iconic moment he shared with Taylor Swift a few years back.

Taylor Swift Says She Is Over The Whole Kanye Beef


Taylor Swift is now making a Public Service Announcement, letting us all know, she is over the beef with Kanye. Even though it’s clearly still bothering Kanye, as we see he has bought it up recently, Taylor says she does not want to add anymore fuel to the fire.

(Video) Kanye West Shouts Out Wiz Khalifa + Addresses Taylor Swift Lyric


Before the TLOP tour happens, whenever that may be, Kanye West performed the album for the first time at the Paradise International Music Festival in the Philippines over the weekend. His set came shortly after Wiz Khalifa’s – who he’d infamously had a brief feud with earlier this year – and confirmed that it was squashed, as he shouted Wiz out and thanked him for a great show.

(Video) Kanye West Reveals “Famous” Broke His 7 Year Writer’s Block


In his latest moment of clarity, Ye takes to the stage in the Philippines to let everybody know why his song where he disrespects Taylor Swift, Famous, is most important to him and helped him get back his mojo. Hit the jump.

Taylor Swift SKYROCKETS Drake & Future’s “Jumpman” Sales After Apple Commercial


After Taylor Swift did the “Jumpman” Apple commercial last week, Drake & Future’s heater has seen sales through the roof this week. Hit the jump for the numbers !!

(Video) Taylor Swift Raps To “Jumpman” In New Apple Commercial


If you didn’t get enough of Taylor Swift rapping on “Shake It Off” well than this post has the perfect thing for you. Hit the jump.

A$AP Ferg Has A Song He Wants Taylor Swift On


Yup – a little out of the box, but not really considering he’s already collabed with big pop stars such as Ariana Grande. In lieu of his sophomore album, Always Strive and Prosper (A$AP), that’s about to drop, Ferg says he’s got a song on the album that’s good, but having Taylor Swift on it would make it great. Hit the jump.

(Video) Kanye West Goes On A Rant At 1Oak Over Finger In The Booty Comments

ifwt_Kanye West MAIN

We knew it was only a matter of time before Kanye went on a public rant about Amber’s fingers in the booty comments. Last night at 1Oak in Los Angeles, Yeezy grabbed the mic to share some of his thoughts with the crowd. He started off talking about Taylor Swift and explained that he called her before mentioning her on his new album and even consulted with Kim. He then went on to say that for the record, he NEVER let Amber Rose go anywhere near his a*shole. Hmmmm….. Listen to Kanye’s full rant below.

Taylor Swift Donates $250k To Ke$ha For Dr. Luke Court Battle


Ke$ha is currently in an ongoing battle with producer Dr. Luke, as she’s stuck in a 9-album contract with him and Sony Records that she wants to get out of, because of alleged sexual and mental abuse. The pop singer went to court late last week and was denied release, but she’s been garnering the support of her peers in the fight. Joining the growing list of celebrity supporters that includes Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Halsey and more, Taylor Swift has stepped up the plate to help. E! News reports that Tay Tay has donated $250,000 to Ke$ha “to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time.” Ke$ha’s mom later confirmed via Twitter. What a tough time, man. My prayers are with Ke$ha!

(Video) Grammy Awards Producer Ken Ehrlich Says Taylor Swift Heard Kanye’s “Famous” Track In Advance But Then Takes The Statement Back


This Taylor Swift, Kayne story is getting a little fishy. In Kanye’s “Famous” track he says he made Taylor Swift famous. West tells everyone that the song was not meant to be taken in a bad way, especially since Taylor Swift allegedly heard the song and said the lyrics were okay. Taylor Swift claims she never agreed to that and says Kanye never reached out to her before he put the track out. Someone’s lying! We just don’t know who.

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