(Photo) Soulja Boy Threatens To Kill A Rapper In A Series Of Now Deleted Tweets

Soulja Boy is just on a roll ! He recently was sued for threatening to kill a man. You would think that would have taught him a lesson but apparently not as he has just made similar threats to another man. The tweets have now been deleted but we all know once something hits the media, its over.

(Video) Wha…? Woman Confesses To Sending Notes To Neighbors Threatening To Eat Their Kids

Just when you think you’ve heard it all. A Minnesota woman was recently taken into police custody after authorities say she admitted to leaving anonymous notes to her neighbors hinting at wanting to eat their “tasty” but noisy children, saying she wanted to taste and lick their children. Her reasoning was because she was highly upset with the children because they made noise and left items in her yard.

(Video) NFL: Ravens Steve Smith Threatens Steelers Player, Says He Is On His “Lifetime Hitlist”

Steve Smith never had any f*cks to give! He will say what he wants, when he wants and apparently the NFL will just deal with it. After the Ravens win over the Steelers, Smith wasn’t as happy as you might think. He was knocked out of the game by a clean hit from Mike Mitchell and wanted to make it clear Mitchell is now on his “lifetime hitlist”.

(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley Threatens To “Blow The Brains Out” Of His Former, “Scumbag” Agent

People love Charles Barkley because he will ALWAYS say what he is thinking and not give a damn who hears it. On the flip side, people also can’t stand him for the same exact reason but nonetheless, they listen. Barkley had no filter at all this morning during an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show”. He spoke about a few things but Chuck stole the show when the topic of his former agent came up.

Donald Trump Calls FBI Over Death Treats From El Chapo’s Son

Donald Trump has brought in the Feds to investigate threats he has received by a man claiming to the son of escaped Mexian drug lord El Chapo. According to Trump he believes that a tweet posted by his son was a threat directed at him. Hit the jump for more details.

Sports: UFC Star Conor McGregor Says He Would Kill Floyd Mayweather In 30 Seconds, Floyd Responds!

Why do UFC stars loving throwing shade at Floyd Mayweather? Is it jealousy? Envy? Do they wish they had the influence and power he has and do they resent him for it? I’m not really sure what it is but it seems some of the biggest stars in the sport love to talk negatively about Floyd. Conor McGregor is the latest one to pop off at the mouth towards Floyd, saying he “would kill him in 30 seconds”. Let’s see what Floyd has to say about that.

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