(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Responds to Baton Rouge Cop Killer Wearing TMT Gear

Gavin Long, the man who killed three cops and injured three others in Baton Rouge, previously posted several videos sporting TMT gear.  Floyd Mayweather wants is to be clear that Long is in no way affiliated with The Money Team.

(Video) Sports: Jon Jones Says He Accepts Offer to Join TMT But Floyd Mayweather Won’t Call Him Back

Jon Jones says there’s only one small issue stopping him from joining Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team, Floyd won’t call him back.  Jones says they haven’t spoken since Floyd made the offer.

(Video) Boxing: Mayweather Dry Pleads For Jon Jones To Join TMT

Er’body loves Floyd, right? Bling blaaw, hot chicks, cars, G4s and all. But why does it seem like he’s basically dry begging for Jon Jones to join The Money Team? Does he know something we don’t?

Boxing: Woman Claims Floyd Mayweather & His Entourage Acted Crazy At Screening Of “Black Mass”

Another day, another story involving Floyd Mayweather and some controversy. A woman is claiming that Floyd and The Money Team came into her movie theater job in Los Angeles and straight acted a fool, being disrespectful and demanding the movie theater re-start the movie “Black Mass” starring Johnny Depp, just because Floyd ran late.

(Video) NBA: Floyd Mayweather Steps On The Court With Isaiah Thomas & Experiences What Losing Feels Like

For the thousands if not millions of people out there who have been hoping to see Floyd Mayweather lose, you finally got your wish. Too bad for you though that it wasn’t in the ring and instead came via the basketball court. Floyd tried to challenge his friend, Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics, to a game and for the first time in years, all the talking and showboating wasn’t enough.

(Photos) Boxing: *UPDATE* Floyd Mayweather Confirms September 12th Fight But Doesn’t Name Opponent Yet

Today Floyd Mayweather made official what we all knew was happening. He will be fighting his 49th and possibly last fight on September 12th at the MGM in Vegas. One important detail he did leave out however is the opponent. It was pretty much close to a done deal that he would fight Andre Berto but maybe there is a chance it will be someone else.

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