(Video) Cops Will Seek Second Shooter In Troy Ave Case


Investigators are now saying that the shots fired that injured Troy Ave and left his friend dead, may have came from someone else. This is pretty much what Ave said when he went to court. Apparently someone who has had a problem with Ave approached him which is when a fight broke out. Ave and the other person wrestled for the gun which is when another shot let off in the crowd.

(Photo) 50 Cent Speaks On Troy Ave In A New Post


Earlier 50 Cent spoke on the Troy Ave situation but then deleted it. He now posts again this time, no deleting has been done….Yet!

(Photo) 50 Cent Posts & Deletes About Troy Ave

ifwt_50 Cent x Troy Ave

Troy Ave was released from the hospital last night, straight into police custody on weapons and murder charges from last week’s Irving Plaza shooting. He pled not guilty and is being held without bail, and we will learn more on June 9, when he returns to court. What’s interesting is his lawyer’s statement, revealing that Troy did not shoot himself nor his now-deceased bodyguard, as originally reported. Instead, he says Troy is the victim, and the truth will come to light in court. Hmm! This is on par with the rumors that have been circulating about what really happened, so this will be interesting.

(Photo) Meek Mill Speaks On Troy Ave Situation


Meek Mill has now given his opinion on the Troy Ave incident that occurred at Irving Plaza. Meek says that the law that has been designed for us is truly not made for protection.

(Video) Troy Ave Released From Hospital; Claims To Be The Victim


Troy Ave has been released from the hospital after the Irving Plaza shooting and is now claiming that he was a victim in the shooting. He is pleading not guilty and will remain without bail. Prosecutors say that Troy shot into a crowd not caring about those around him.

Troy Ave’s Court Date Gets Postponed


Troy Ave’s court date has been postponed due to him still healing from him gunshot would to the leg. Troy is recovering from getting broken bone fragments removed from his leg.

Run-D.M.C Rapper Says NYC Police Commissioner Should Apologize For His Comments On Hip-Hop


Hip Hop made national news this week regarding a shooting that took place inside of Irving plaza before a scheduled hip hop performance. News broke and it shook the city , every one wanted to know and report updates as the story was unfolding. One was left died and three others were injured following the shooting and a lot of people have had a lot to say since then. Specifically, the NYC police commissioner who released a statement that did not sit to well with many and D.M.C of hit rap group Run D.M.C Thinks he should apologize for it.

(Video) UPDATE: Troy Ave Arrested After Irving Plaza Shooting

IFWT_Troy Ave

Troy Ave has been arrested after opening fire during T.I. concert. The rapper has been charged with reckless endangerment and illegal weapons possession.

(Photo + Video) Maino Speaks On Troy Ave Beef Rumors


Maino took to his Instagram to address rumors going around about his team’s involvement in the Irving Plaza shooting and also that he and rapper Troy Ave, who was grazed by a bullet at the concert, have beef. Maino says he and Troy are very good friends and there is no bad blood between them.

Manolo Rose Clarifies RT; Says He Doesn’t Wish Death On Troy Ave

ifwt_Manolo x Troy

Earlier today, Manolo Rose made headlines when he’d RT’d someone who said that Troy Ave should have died when he got shot last night at the T.I. show in NYC. Despite their longstanding feud and many peoples’ disdain for Troy, most still felt this was way out of line, and he quickly felt the backlash on social media. Eventually, he clarified his comments.

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