NBA: The League Won’t Let John Wall Bet His Assistant Coach Over Turnovers

Sometimes players need a little extra incentive to improve their game.  Washington Wizards guard John Wall made a deal with his assistant coach Howard Eisley that he would pay $100 for each game with more than 2 turnovers.  Unfortunately the league put a halt on that arrangement, Wall would’ve owed $2,600 if it stood.

NBA: John Wall Will Pay Assistant Coach $100 For Every Game He Commits More Than 2 Turnovers

Former No. 1 draft pick and star of the Washington Wizards, John Wall has steadily been improving his game.  Remember when he was ridiculed for his jumper?  Well he’s worked on that and now there’s something else he wants to improve.

(Video) NBA: Lebron Repeatedly Says “I Suck” After Cavs Lose To Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks scored 25 points in the 4th quarter to rally and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 97-106 on Friday night. LeBron James finished with 18 points and 6 rebounds, but also added a season-high 9 turnovers. It was clear he was not happy with himself after the game, especially considering this was a matchup of what most people consider the best two teams in the east. It can be expected since he is his toughest critic. Bron can relax though, because if they meet in the playoffs basically nobody believes the Hawks could beat the Cavs in a seven game series.

NBA: Tough Love! Steph Curry’s Mom Still Fines Him For Turnovers

Mrs. Sonya Curry is far from easy on her sons, as she even fines son, Steph Curry, for turnovers he acquires in games. With a turnover percentage of his possessions at just 14.7, mommy’s touch is DEFINITELY working out! Further details on this cute, driven story below

NBA: Stephen Curry Makes Interesting Bet With His Mom About Turnovers

Golden State Warriors All-Star guard Stephen Curry has found a pretty cool way to keep his turnovers down and it’s thanks to his mother, Sonya Curry. The two came up with a pretty one-sided but dope bet that helps Steph stop turning the ball over.

NBA: WTH? LMAO! Arby’s Takes A Shot at Tracy McGrady!

This is what it’s come to?!  Damn.  Fans have been taking shots at Tracy McGrady lately (gone from star to pine rider), but to see this come from Arby’s restaurant … is hilarious.  Even though they said they were just having fun a short while after the tweet, T-Mac took an L. Check it out…

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