THIS Is How Beyoncé’s Dad Found Out His Daughter Was Pregnant

Last week, Beyoncé shocked (and delighted) the world when she announced that she and Jay Z are expecting twins. Guess who was just as shocked at the SAME time as all of us spectators were? Her very own father. Damn.

(Photos) Beyoncé Announces She’s Pregnant…With TWINS!

Y’all….Queen Bey and King Hov are expecting twins. TWINS. “We would like to share our love and happiness,” Mrs. Carter wrote in an Instagram post, showing off her growing belly. “We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters Ahh! Blue is going to be such a cute big sister!

WTF: Twin Sisters Share The Same Boyfriend

Now we know twins usually do everything together. They usually dress alike, obvisouly look alike, but they don’t usually date the same man. 30-year-old sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque live with their boyfriend. When I say their, I mean they both share the same man. They all live in the twin’s mother house.

(Video+Photos) The Trio That Caused A Social Media Frenzy FINALLY Reveals Which Is The Mom

In yet another example of the old saying, “Black don’t crack,” this popular trio has caused quite a stir. Kayla Mohomes posted a selfie with her twin sister Kyla and their mother, never anticipating what would happen next. People were stunned to see the resemblance of the girls to their mom, a resemblance so strong that no one could tell who which was the mother and which were the daughters. After going viral the ladies still kept quiet about who was mom until now; she also shares how she keeps her youthful glow. Learn which of the three is the mom after the jump!

(Photos) NFL: Antonio Cromartie’s Wife is Pregnant With Twins Even Though He Had a Vasectomy!

Antonio Cromartie’s sperm will not be denied.  The New York Jets cornerback learned that his wife is pregnant with twins even though he got a vasectomy!  

(Video) Identical Twins Denied Driving Permits After DMV Says They Look “Too Much Alike”

Identical twins in Georgia were denied their learners permits at a Georgia DMV face recognition failure prevented them from even getting past the clerk to take their tests. Learn more after the jump!

(Photos) Twinning: Zoe Saldana Shows Off Her ADORABLE Twin Boys!

To celebrate National Twin Day just a few days ago, actress Zoe Saldana decided to partake in the festivities and show off her super cute twin boys that she gave birth to back in December with husband Marco Perego. In the photo, Zoe and her husband are looking down on their two identical baby boys, Bowie and Cy, who are facing each other – making for the most adorable family portrait ever! Check out Zoe’s beautiful family over in the gallery. I wonder when we’ll finally get a face shot of these two little cuties?!

Teen Gets Five Year Sentence After Tying Up And Robbing Her Sugar Daddy

Shania Foster and her twin sister Shalaine have both been charged in the robbery of an 85-year old man. Shaina, the “bad-twin” pleaded guilty and admitted she was the one behind the plan to tie up Paul Aronson in his Murray Hill home. Aronson, met the twins on a dating website,, which sets up older men, with their “sugar babies.” Shania will serve five years in prison. Read more below.

(Photo) WNBA: Glory Johnson Announces She’s Having Twins With or Without Britney Griner

WNBA star Glory Johnson announced she’s carrying TWINS, and says it’s exactly what she and her estranged wife Brittney Griner planned all along.

Court Judge Ruled New Jersey Twins Have Two Different Fathers

A court judge ruled that New Jersey twins have two different fathers. Read more on the story after the jump!

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