UFC: Brock Lesnar Suspended 1-Year, Fined $250,000 & Win Overturned for UFC 200 Failed Drug Tests

Brock Lesnar won his UFC 200 match but it was later discovered that he failed both of the drug tests he took before the fight.  Today the Nevada Athletic Commission convened to hand out his punishment.

UFC: Who Will Daniel Cormier Fight At UFC 200 Instead Of Disqualified Jones

There are three front runners to take the place of Jon Jones to fight Daniel Cormier, Gegard Mousasi, Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. All three have issues though.

(Video) UFC: Connor McGregor Calls Nate Diaz Out And Rips Jon Jones On The Low

You know Connor McGregor…looking to fight Floyd Mayweather…smack talking lil Irishman prepping for UFC 202 in August. He’s got lots to say…check it out.

(Video) UFC: Jon Jones Breaks Down in Tears & Denies Taking PEDs After Removal From UFC 200

Jon Jones was removed from the UFC 200 fight card after his blood test came back positive for a banned substance.  Today during a press conference, Jones broke down in tears while insisting he never knowingly cheated by taking performance-enhancing drugs, and vowed to return to the UFC.

MMA: Jon Jones Pulled From UFC 200 For Drugs?

With only a couple of days to go for Saturday’s highly anticipated UFC 200 event featuring Jones vs. Cormier, Jones has been disqualified and the new main event is Lesnar vs. Hunt.

(Video) UFC: Daniel Cormier Calls Jon Jones A What?!

MMA champ Daniel Cormier is set to fight Jon Jones at UFC 200 this July so of course there’s crap talking to build up the anticipation for fans, but what he calls Jones is apparently the one thing that gets under his skin the most.

UFC: Brock Lesnar Announces His Opponent For His Return at #UFC200

UFC president Dana White kicked Conor McGregor out of UFC 200 after the star refused to show up for promotional events.  Eventually McGregor and White came to an agreement for his rematch against Nate Diaz for UFC 202, but White knew he had to get someone HUGE to replace McGregor for the monumental event.  That person turned out to be Brock Lesnar, returning from the WWE.  Today while on SportsCenter, Lesnar announced who his opponent will be.

UFC President Dana White Says Conor McGregor is NOT Back on UFC 200 Card

The drama and confusion continues.  Earlier today Conor McGregor said he worked things out with UFC president Dana White and he is back on the card to headline UFC 200.  Well wires must be crossed because White says that’s not true.

(Photo) UFC: Conor McGregor Says He’s Back on the UFC 200 Card

UFC president Dana White and former champion Conor McGregor have had fans confused for the past week.  McGregor tweeted that he was retiring early, then White said McGregor was cut from UFC 200 because he did not show up for mandatory promotional activities, then McGregor said he wanted to compete in UFC 200 but he also wanted to focus on training, not the numerous activities that would distract him.  Well the two must’ve worked everything out because early this morning, McGregor tweeted that he is back on the UFC 200 card.

(Photos) UFC: Conor McGregor Explains His Issues; Says He’s Not Retired & Wants to Fight in UFC 200

Conor McGregor has had us all confused for the past couple days.   The UFC star wrote on his Twitter page that he was retiring early.  Then UFC president Dana White said McGregor was cut from his rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 200 because he refused to participate in promotional events.  Now the Irish MMA star is speaking out, clearing up a few things.

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