Beyoncé To Judge X-Factor??

Simon Cowell is said to have offered Beyonce $500 million to star as a judge on X Factor USA for five seasons. I couldn’t imagine Bey turning down this offer, but we’ll see! More details after the jump!! Wendy L.

(Map) Tech Talk News: See Where Tmobile Is Getting A Bump From Failed AT&T Deal!!!

This has been on my mind for a minute(since the deal died), AT&T has to hand over a Billion Dollars worth of Spectrum, and if you don’t know Spectrum is what carriers use to build their Networks, and this was especially curious since AT&T just launched it’s LTE network, but a concerned citizen put together a Map of the bump Tmobile will get, which you can see if it affects you after the Jump!

Iran Accuses US Of Staging Pirate Rescue

You may remember an earlier announcement that the US Navy rescued 13 Iranian fisherman from Pirate siege. Well, the Iranian government is saying it’s a sham! Hit the jump! @steveisDOPE

U.S. Will Not Submit a Bid To Host 2020 Olympics

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl The U.S. Olympic Committee has notified all interested cities that it will not submit a bid to host the 2020 Olympics. Chicago, New York and Dallas were among those that had expressed interest in putting forth a bid to host the Games, but any bid was contingent upon the USOC working out a long-simmering revenue-sharing deal with the International Olympic Committee.

Tech Talk FAKE: Would You Buy An iPhony???

Companies in China seem to be knock off Kings, and Proud of it! The Chinese website Micgadget did a straight up review of iPhone’s biggest knock off, the iPhony(I’m serious) and they even say it’s NO iPhone, and point out all of the differences, including that it’s a little cheap compared to the the iPhone, but hit the jump and see it for yourself! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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