Tech Talk Rumor Is: Leaked iPhone Cases Bring NEW Mock Up!!!

Ok those cases for the iPhone 5 that leaked gave Macrumors the idea of having CiccareseDesign do a rendering of what the iPhone 5 would look like, all specs we know are included, Hit the Jump to see it for yourself, it def kinda Clean!!! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

President Obama Speaks To The World Live Right Here!!!


#IFWT Wishes You A Happy Fourth Of July!!!!!!!

For those of you that don’t Know, on July 4th in 1776 the U.S. of A. Became Independent(aka Independence Day)  from the Crown aka Great Britain And Starting forth as a 3rd world country and within 200 years became A world’s Super power…..We Salute You USA!!!!! Leave A comment for your favorite thing to do on the 4th!!! Funk Flex Tat WZA & #IFWT

Tech Talk Arrested: British Teen Arrested Behind LulzSec Hackings!!!!

An investigation in conjunction with The FBI, and Scotland Yard has landed an Arrest of a British Teenager, Ryan Cleary, whose 19, allegedly attacked a british government website, hit the Jump to find out what site, and what his charges are!! Tat WZA


  According to a survey done by the FCC, out of 29 countries the USA is ranked 9th in fixed broadband penetration  on a per capita basis and 12th in per percentage. @TatWZA @yungjohnnybravo

IF???? Looks Can Kill!!!!!!

Britain’s BAE Systems have developed an RAF helmet that will allow pilots to deploy and steer their weapons by turning their heads. The helmet is fitted with an optical head tracker, with targets popping up in the visor, which provides a an accurate missile fire with low latency, at any altitude. The system has been extensively tested on the Eurofighter Typhoon, but is modular in styling so that it can be fitted to many systems. Watch Out!!! @TatWza

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