Tech Talk Device: Hardware That Rocks Your World

One company just gave break time at the office a whole new rolly chair spin! Hard day, girls? Work it all out with this new USB-powered toy. Details after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X Emma Rabid

Tech Talk Green: Solar Powered Charging Seats!

Green is always good, especially as wthe world picks up more and more devices, we as a people have to conserve energy, to be considerate to each other throughout the world, and MIT, known for it’s genius’s, are testing out the tear drop shaped “Soft Rockers”, Seats covered with solar panel, that turn with the sun, to 1 in the Shade, 2 recharge(through a USB cable) whatever devices you may have with you, Hit the Jump for more Details. @TatWZA

Record Audio Straight To Your Computer With Meteor Mic!!!

Samson Technologies has a new USB microphone called the Meteor Mic. It has a retro look with a stereo 1/8-inch headphone output for no-latency monitoring, a headphone volume control, and a microphone mute switch, and sits on a foldable tripod, in Best Buy this April for $99. @TatWza

Stream HD Content From Your Computer To Your TV!!!!!!

Warpia has The StreamHD, a USB-to-HDMI adapter, putting 1080p content from your USB-enabled laptop or desktop onto your HDMI-equipped television…..See Details. @TatWza

Forget 1 Touch Back Up, Get No Touch Back Up With These USB Drives!!!!!!

The Echo MX and ZX high-speed backup devices provide ‘no-touch backup’ along with 128-bit AES encryption…See Details @TatWza

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