(Photo) Young Buck Released From Jail

Right in time for the holidays and to bring in the new year, Young Buck pulls off a miracle and is released from jail after initially having to serve 7 months.

(Photo) Young Buck In Jail Again For Violating Probation

Is Young Buck just letting loose nowadays?

(Photo) Young Buck Allegedly Arrested For Threatening To Burn His Ex-Gilfriend’s Apartment Down

Young Buck was arrested in Tennessee on Thursday night after reportedly threatening to burn his ex- girlfriend’s apartment down. The woman said earlier during the week she had received threatening texts from Buck. It wasn’t until last night that he kicked her door down but then left before doing anything.

(Video) Young Buck States He Has A Right To Take Officers Out

Young Buck is not here for the recent police violence and feels as though he has a right to take them out if he wants to. But recently put out a single entitled “The Get Back” where he says “Make these n****s load up and go kill a cop right now.” Im pretty sure this isnt the answer but he is not the only one that feels this way. We earlier learned that David Banner and Lyfe Jennings had it out over David Banner condoning violence against cops also.

Young Buck Accused Of Violating Parole

Young Buck has been in the law’s eye for a big chunk of his career, let alone life. But over the past few months he’s been under some severe scrutiny and now his P.O is accusing him of violating his probation after being stopped for a moving violation.

50!!! Young Buck Might Be Headed Back To The Pen?? Again?!

G-Unit soldier Young Buck might have to serve more time in prison after he allegedly threatened one of his baby mama’s fiance, after the man called Buck a “sorry excuse for a father”. It’s getting real!! Hit the jump!

According To Young Buck’s Lawyer, He’s Not In Danger Of Facing Jail Time

Earlier today, reports broke that Young Buck could be doing some jail time, after he was caught by his probation officer for faking a drug test by using someone else’s urine. LOL! However, the judge has gone easy on him – according to Buck’s lawyer. “I am glad that Judge Campbell agreed with our joint recommendation that Buck be sentenced to probation, a fine, community service and drug treatment,” Scott Leemon told ThisIs50. ”This was a fair result, most importantly, because Buck was spared any prison time and permitted to get back on the road to perform and make new music. In fact, he went right from court to go meet 50 on his Effen vodka tour.” He could have been facing up to 5 years, so he got pretty lucky!

Looks Like Young Buck Could Be Heading Back To Jail

Young Buck just can’t leave the ganja alone! The G-Unit rapper might be heading back to jail yet again after his probation officer claims he used someone else’s urine to pass a drug test. Buck’s PO is saying that he came into the facility with a plastic bag full of someone else’s clean pee and then proceeded to transfer the urine into the cup with a tube. Come to find out, it’s actually a felony to fake court-mandated pee and could be up to another five years behind bars. He’s allegedly been on the road smoking weed with his rapper friends (but it was Snoop Dogg – who can possible resist that?!) Being that Buck is already on probation, this is not looking good one bit.

Oh No! Young Buck’s Strong Love For Ganja Might Send Him Back To The Pen!

It looks like G-Unit rapper Young Buck just cannot stop lighting up the Mary Jane! After recently failing four drug tests while on probation, Buck may possibly be looking at more prison time. Back in 2012, he got bagged up for gun possession and was sentenced to 18 months behind bars. He was released back in October of 2013 and has been on probation since. However he’s been failing drug tests left and right, but this might be his final screw up before he gets thrown right back in!

#DJFunkFlexApp NEW MUSIC: Young Buck – Loco

As the release date for his forthcoming mixtape “10 Pints” looms closer, G-Unit’s Young Buck unveils the fiery new track “Loco.”

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