Whether they had a fight in school or out of school 9 sixth grade boys were expelled from school for running an after school “fight club”!!!!!! I didn’t know you could still get in trouble in school when it was clearly after school hours.


Nine sixth-grade boys were expelled from a Washington state middle school after officials found out they were participating in an after-school “fight club” to see who was the toughest.
Stewart Middle School administrators discovered the operation after local news station KCPQ spoke to a relative of one of the boys and aired a fight video taken with a cell phone.
A district spokesman told The News Tribune that the group would arrange the fights in a school bathroom or at their Tacoma homes.
Each fight was timed and had varying rules, such as disallowing punches to the face. The news station reported that one student recorded 15 bouts.
The district spokesman said none of the boys’ parents alerted the incidents to school authorities and the length of their expulsions will be decided on a case-by-case basis.