Netbooks haven’t exactly popped off since Tablets(iPad’s, Xoom, Galaxy S Fam, and Much More coming) have been dominating the field, and word is what’s called *Notbook’s(see definition in Details) have def replaced netbooks, which were replacing Laptop’s and Tablet’s are replacing Everything, But We at IFWT want to know what’s your Preference(besides Beamer, Benz, or Bently). Take a look at the Latest Netbook, Notbook, Tablet, and PC after the Jump.

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Hercules’ eCAFE has two models, the Slim HD and EX HD(obviously 1 is skinnier than the other) 13 hours of “real use” battery life, play 720p video on their 10-inch, 1024 x 600 displays or export it over HDMI, running a Custom version of Linux and powered by an ARM Cortex-A8 processor. $229 and $269(Decent shape and size, keyboard a little tight, but bigger then your mobile, but I don’t like the Custom Version of Linux, Linux is a base of most OS’s but what is a Custom Linux version? Price is not bad, Prob your Cheapest Choice)

*notbook (n.) — An affordable ultraportable laptop, typically with a 11.6-inch or 12-inch display that is not a netbook. It packs more power than a netbook (i.e. can handle 1080p video and Flash at fullscreen) and provides a more comfortable computing experience than the typical, 10-inch underpowered, shrunken Atom-based laptop. Most do not have optical drives, but do last for over five hours on a charge. Unlike pricey ultraportable laptops, notbooks are more affordable and start at around $400.

Well the choices are crazy, from Different sizes like the 10″ iPad’s, Galaxy, and Windows Slate, to the 7″ & 8″ Galaxy’s, to the 5″ Streak. Most have a decent Processor speed of 1 to 1.25 Ghz. The Android Tabs have Flash for web video viewing, & SD Cards slots for expandability, but the iPads don’t have either, but iPads were 1st and are Apple products hence Sexier and more popular(and less bugs from what I hear)
The Prices range from $200 to $800. Affordable but have limitations for serious work.

Of course Too Many to name, but Laptop have always been the work horse of Mobile Computing, it’s like having a full desktop in your lap, as they replace desktops, but as the Mobile revolution continues less and less Laptops are being purchased for computing needs, since Net, Not, & Tabs are increasing Processing Power. The Laptop will def take a full budget of any where between $1200 to $2500

To be honest with you the Smartphone is starting to out pace all of these and as they get stronger and add “Smartness” to these Smartphone, We won’t need any of the above(time will tell)