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T.I. Jumping Into The Superhero Game With Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Movie!!!


This is a dope opportunity for T.I., something that could take him to next level as an actor, and better yet, with Marvel, a possible recurring role, depending on what role he gets!

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(Video) Apple’s All New Reversible USB To Lightening Cable!


It’s the USB side that’s the winner and hopefully spawn the way USB cable are produced by all USB makers! I know from time to time I have to go ever so slowly trying to figure out which side(up or down) the USB goes, now it’s not a major time inconvenience, but still it would take 1 more thing of having to worry about off my plate!

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(Video) Dr. Dre Accepts Tim Cook’s ALS #IceBucketChallenge And Challenges…..

Dr. Dre

The other day Tim Cook did the Ice Bucket Challenge, and before he did, he Challenged a few people, and the 1st one was new Apple recruit Dr. Dre, well Dre has answered, and now has some of his own people to challenge!

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(Video) The Flappy Bird Guy Is Back With ‘Swing Copters’ !!!

IFWT_New mobile game swing copters

As Dong Nguyen tries his hand at another potential addictive game, the world is wondering if he can truly recreate the ‘flappy success’? Well check out the video below to see if Swing Copters has what it takes!

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(Graphic Video) More NYPD Brutality Caught On Tape


This is beyond out of control! Yes you should not resist arrest, but C’mon Son, if you’re stopped, and frisked, and obviously don’t have a gun(seen by the clothes you’re wearing), then you should be given just a bit of respect as a human being. I mean he prob didn’t want him to find a bag of trees, but was beat on like he was FBI’s 10 most wanted -_-

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(Photos) Is This iPhone 6 Leak Real Or Nah?!


Really, I’m looking at this and am thinking it’s the same iPhone 6 mock up that has been out for months now. TMZ is usually pretty reliable, but they have been known to make a boo boo here and there, and they are not tech geeks, they could have easily been fed some lines of BS by somebody looking to get paid or famous.

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(Video) See How Twitter Reacted To Mike Brown #Ferguson Shooting!


This Is super interesting, I’ve seen reactions like this before to wars in the middle east, but this is in the US, the western part at that, but the bigger reactions where not on that side of the country.

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(Video) Dope! Apple’s Tim Cook Challenges Dr. Dre To ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’!!!


The Big dog at Apple has completed the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ with the most style and grace, as he hit the stage and asked which he should do, get the Ice or give the money, Tim announces he’s doing both!!! How could you be mad at that, you can’t!!

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(Photos) Police In #Ferguson Detain 2 Reporters To Stop Bad Press?!

IFWT_lat-Cops in fergersontoday

This situation is definitely crazy, but the community has had enough, and with police detaining 2 major journalist, it’s clear the local police force is over it’s head! Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery, and HuffPosts Ryan J. Reilly were sitting in a McDonald’s while filing their reports, and out of no where Police stormed Micky D’s to grab up the Media workers, pulled them out to a van and put them in. Apparently they were released a few hours later after other reports in the are made calls to the Chief. What was the cops excuse you ask….

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(Video) Check Out This Incredible Multiplayer Footage From Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare!!!


I’m not even gonna lie, as much as I say it looks a little like Titan Fall, It does, but it Really doesn’t! It’s like the part in Titan Fall where they running around before ‘Your Titan Is Ready’, just WAAAAAAY More ‘Advanced’!!!!

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