Most Followers On Instagram, Before Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber won the crown for the Most Followers On Instagram but thanks to the instagram purge Kim K wins! Kim Kardashian is the most followed person on instagram. Justin Bieber had to settle for the number 3 slot when he lost more than 3.5 million followers which apparently were fake followers. Whomp whomp Justin!

Our resident Techie, Tat Wza chimes in about her having the Most Followers On Instagram;

“Social Media has become a standard in our life, it used to be something someone like me would look at as a marvel of our lifetime, but for the last few years it has become ‘just what people do’, like having water at the cooler, but everyone needs to keep in mind, we are who we are, and because Kim K, or anyone is more popular on IG or any other social media, doesn’t make them better in life, it just means more people know of them, especially after the great purge, now we know it’s not a bunch of Spam, or bought followers. Kim has worked hard to be pretty well known, regardless of how you feel about her, you know about her, so congrats to her! Now let’s move on to more important things in life!!!”

Most Followers On Instagram:
Justin isn’t the only one who lost followers. Kim also lost around 1.3 million followers after the purge, closing the day at 22.2 million followers. Our girl Beyonce comes in 2nd place with 21.4 million followers…

Laura Rodriguez

How many followers did you loose during the instagram purge? LOL

Source: Buzz Feed