Aw poor J. Lo! This kind of stuff is so unfair. Jen was in court fighting the release of an x-rated tape her ex-husband wanted to put out of the two of them on their honeymoon in 1997. That is so WRONG!! What a dirtbag that guy is. A judge ruled she had no case in trying to block the release and now the tape is ready to come out…it all is depending on which porn company bids the highest. Ok I can’t lie…I’m KIND of interested in seeing this but still…IT’S NOT RIGHT! Why did she have no case in something that’s of HER? I don’t get it. Find out details after the jump.


Red Light District,, and are all trying to top each other, with bids hovering in the $40,000 range. Yeah, it seems kinda low, but there’s no real sex in the tape … which is usually a buzz kill.

J.Lo tried to block her ex Ojani Noa from releasing the tape — but last week, an L.A. judge ruled she had no case … opening the door for a sale.

No deal has been struck … yet.