Taking Action: Iggy Azalea Sues Ex-Boyfriend, But Not For The Alleged Sex Tape Then What?!

Iggy Azalea Files Lawsuit Against Hefe Wine

Don’t mess with Iggy because apparently, she don’t play! With all this back and forth about the Sex Tape and who gave who rights, it seems the “Black Widow” singer is fed up and taking action! According to reports, Iggy Azalea is suing Hefe Wine!
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(Photos) Uhh…Nice Try, Iggy – But That [Awful] Wig Doesn’t Disguise You At ALL

Iggy Azalea's wig

In the midst of all the sex-tape drama, Iggy Azalea decided to abandon her signature blonde locks and opt for a ginger wig to throw off paparazzi at LAX yesterday…but it clearly didn’t work. A for effort, I guess? More pics in the gallery.

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Uh Oh, This Is Juicy! Iggy Azalea’s Ex Claims She Gave Him FULL Rights To Sell Their Sex Tape!


Word on the street is that Australian emcee Iggy Azalea has a sex tape floating around with her ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine. However, Iggy is fighting tooth and nail with her lawyers to make sure the porn company Vivid does not release the footage (and ESPECIALLY not with the name “Iggy” in it.) However, the story just got a little bit more complex.

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Use My Name And I Will Sue! Iggy Azalea’s Lawyers Send Warning To Porn Company

Iggy Azalea to sue Vivid

The story just continues to change! First rapper Iggy Azaela claimed she did not have a sex tape, then lawyers said she was a minor when it was filmed, and now if the porn company, Vivid, attempts to release the tape with her name, Iggy, she is suing. See more below!

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Iggy Azalea Responds To Alleged Sex Tape – Could This Be An Ex With An Axe To Grind?


Iggy Azalea, either you have a sex tape or you don’t. In recent Iggy news, Vivid Entertainment is requesting that the “Black Widow” raptress give them permission to release a sex tape that they are sure she’s an active participant of with an ex-boyfriend.

Iggy’s people have mentioned that there is no such tape and for Vivid to move along. However, things have switched up. Lawyers are saying that any tape between Iggy and the ex was recorded without her permission and she was under the age of 18 when the alleged tape was filmed. All-n-all, this is a man who is trying to get revenge. For what – who knows.

Iggy took to her Twitter account to give her feelings on the matter. Hit the jump for more.

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Damn Girl – Iggy Azalea Offered Six Figures For An Alleged Sex Tape?!


This is one celebrity sex tape I sure would watch! Seriously, have you seen Iggy Azalea’s a**?! Any who, I’m not the only one. Vivid Entertainment co-founder, Steven Hirsch is looking to drop some major doe in Iggy’s wallet if she allows his company to release a sex tape that she allegedly appears in…will she do it?

Drop down bottom for more details.

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Watch Your Back: FBI Called To Hotel After Kris Jenner Receive Death Threats!!!


It gets real when you’re such an important reality star like as Kris Jenner (cough). The 58-year-old momager has been receiving threatening phones calls from a woman who says she plans to release a sex tape – starring Kris and Bruce Jenner (eww) – if she doesn’t get paid off. Well, the FBI has come to Kris’ rescue.

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(Video) Nikko & Mimi Discuss How To Work Shower Rod & Explaining Sex Tape To Daughter

mimi nikko vlad IFWT

Vlad recently sad down with Reality stars Nikko & Mimi Faust to talk in depth about their recent viral sex tape. Everything from whats to come in the future to how the sex tape came about… Even hinting that theres more footage.

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(Photos) Creep Alert: Construction Worker Recorded Woman Showering!

This “Creep Life” lifestyle has gone a little too far! Check this: In Soho, A construction worker set up his cellphone on a bucket on top of a woman’s fire escape to record her taking a shower in her apartment! After her 20 minute shower she peered out the window only to see a cellphone with a blinking red-light! She quickly grabbed the phone, and pressed play to watch her first (or so she says) homemade butt naked movie! My, My, My! Can you guess what else she found in the phone?

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WWE: A Win For Hulk Hogan — The Latest on His Sex Tape Lawsuit


Welp, here’s a win for Hulk Hogan. Heather Clem & Bubba The Love Sponge have been ordered to hand over sex tape with Hulk Hogan in a new lawsuit twist.  If you missed it, you really weren’t missing too much.
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