Messy! 50 Cent Sues Rick Ross – You Released Your Baby Mama’s Sex Tape Not Me


50 cent claims he is not responsible for leaking Rick Ross baby mama’s sex tape to the world. According to 50 that was all Ross’ doing and now he’s taking him to court.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Check Out A Sneak Peek Of Courtney Stodden’s Sex Tape!

Courtney Stodden

The moment we all knew was coming eventually is almost here– a steamy Courtney Stodden sex tape! The former reality TV star signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment to release her solo sex tape. From the sneak peek pics we’ve obtained, it looks like she’s doing some freaky things with an ice cream cone. OH MY! Check out the preview of her sex tape over in the gallery!

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About Time! Guess Which Busty Celebrity Is Coming Out With A Sex Tape!


Putting out sex tapes have become the new big thing in Hollywood and we are 10000% here for it. Luckily for us, there is a new celeb who apparently has a new XXX film hitting the market very soon! VH1’s Celebrity Rehab star Courtney Stodden has finished recording her “solo” porn debut, making her new tape a one man show.

Vivid Entertainment’s own Steve Hirsch has revealed that the footage “looks amazing” and says, “this is the most unique footage I’ve ever seen.” Being that he’s seen a LOT of porn in his day, that sounds extremely impressive. The 20-year-old just has to sign off on her footage and we should be seeing the tape very shortly. EXCITING STUFF! Take a look at some photos of the big chested blonde bombshell over in the gallery and just imagine her na…. nvm. #StayTuned

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(Video) LHH:ATL’s Nikko Reveals The Truth Behind His Relationship With Mimi On Ebro In The Morning


VH!’s Love & Hip-Hop has become an epidemic within our culture but sadly, we are all so obsessed that it is just too late to look back now. LHH:ATL star Nikko Smith headed over to Hot 97 to kick it with the Ebro In The Morning team. He dished all the dirt on what the situation with him and sex-tape partner Mimi Faust, revealing what their relationship really consisted of. He also let Ebro son him about how wack his sex-tape (you remember, the shower rod one) was and gave us a better insight into his relationship with his wife, who we’ve just been introduced to on episode one of this season.

After Nikko’s interview went viral, Mimi Faust took to her Twitter to respond to what he was exposing during the interview. “Anyone want to be my ‘fake boyfriend?’ Only requirement is he needs to be a scumbag.” Things are getting juicy now!

Find out the REAL story (or so he claims) about Nikko Smith from Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta below.

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(Fellas Check The 18+ Pic) Uh-Oh – Looks Like A Waka Flocka Sex Tape Is About To Leak!


Looks like a Waka Flocka sex tape is about to hit the market. But color me crazy – I doubt that Tammy Rivera (who does not seem to be the co-star) is stressing. A PornHub user uploaded a photo (in the gallery) of Waka gettin’ some, gettin’ gettin’ some head from a woman in a thong, which he totally verfieid by RTing the post with, “TRUST NO B*TCH,” then later adding, “Damn really recording me in my hotel room smh.”

This is what would leave me to believe it’s not Tammy…but judging by the random clap-backs she writes to Instagram haters (as occasionally seen on BallerAlert and TheShadeRoomInc’s Instagram pages,) it seems as though she’s cool with Waka doing his dirt, as long as he knows where home is. Many celebs tend to have this arrangement with their significant others, though they don’t necessarily make it public.

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(Photo) Ladies Get In Here! One Of Your Fav R&B Heartthrob’s Has A Freaky Flick Coming To A DVD Near You?


This is definitely some morning wood for you! Ladies get in here! One of your fav R&B heartthrob’s has a freaky flick coming to a DVD near you? Oooh chile, someone we’ve all been waiting on to slip up. This sexy specimen has been popping since he wore a “U” chain….well over a decade ago, and ladies world wide have been dying to know….. does Usher really like it “Nice & Love”? Pray tell because inquiring minds definitely want to know?! Welp, ladies looks like it may be your lucky day, because according to reports Usher Raymond has a freaky flick being shopped around on the market as we speak. See freaky screenshots inside!

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(Check The 18+ Vid) Oh Sh*t! Raz B From B2K Has A Sex Tape Out!


WELP, looks like former B2K member Raz B has a sex tape floating around the World Wide Web. The video was apparently shot in China where Raz claims he has a bunch of business endeavors such as running night clubs and so on in the Asian market. In the home-made amateur porno, Raz and his fellow co-star look high as a kite like they’ve taken every single drug known to man. I mean, the tape is definitely not the most impressive thing I’ve seen but whatevs. Check out Raz B’s sex tape below. Ol’ girl was most DEFINITELY doing way too much though. C’mon ma, get it together. SMH!

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From Sex Tapes To THIS? Looks Like Ray J Has A New Gig!

Charges dropped on Ray-J

Looks like Ray J has yet another business endeavor going for him aside from the Kim Kardashian sex tape and his Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood career. The “I Hit It First” artist is currently the new face of RSNL watches with his fellow business partner, David Weintraub. The watches can be found at various stores such as Macy’s, JC Penney and Kohl’s and run from about $150-$500. According to sources, Ray J wants this to be the beginning of his big new career in the jewelry world. WELP…. anything is better than him making music. I’m 100% with it. Go ahead, boo boo.

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Sex Tape? Iggy Azalea Is Threatened By Hacker Anonymous


Iggy Azalea Is Threatened By Hacker Group Anonymous?

Australian Pop and Hip Hop Star Iggy Azealiea might have a serious issue on her hands in her recent and current beef with Azealiea Banks. A Hacker group that goes by the name of ‘Anonymous‘ didn’t take too kindly to the tweets the “Fancy” Rapper Iggy Azalea posted in response to Harlem Rapper Azealiea Banks’ Hot97 interview. The ‘Anonymous’ group had made a threat towards the Grand Hustle First Lady Known as Iggy Azalea with a result to her ignorance if she does not follow up on their demands to give Azealiea Banks a full on apology

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NEVERMIND! Playmate Decides NOT To Sell Wiz Khalifa Sex Tape


As we last heard, Wiz Khalifa’s caught-on-tape sexcapades with Playmate Carla Howe was going to be sold to Vivid Entertainment for a nice six-figure payout. However, according to sources, Howe had a change of heart because she never showed up to her big meeting with Vivid. She and Wiz apparently talked it out and came to an agreement to not release the tape (A.K.A.– yet another huge pay-out for Howe but out of Wiz’s own pocket.) Amber Rose has yet to comment on Wiz’s public sex-tape drama, but I’m sure she’s getting a good laugh out of it while getting all of the evidence ready for her divorce lawyer.

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