NEVERMIND! Playmate Decides NOT To Sell Wiz Khalifa Sex Tape


As we last heard, Wiz Khalifa’s caught-on-tape sexcapades with Playmate Carla Howe was going to be sold to Vivid Entertainment for a nice six-figure payout. However, according to sources, Howe had a change of heart because she never showed up to her big meeting with Vivid. She and Wiz apparently talked it out and came to an agreement to not release the tape (A.K.A.– yet another huge pay-out for Howe but out of Wiz’s own pocket.) Amber Rose has yet to comment on Wiz’s public sex-tape drama, but I’m sure she’s getting a good laugh out of it while getting all of the evidence ready for her divorce lawyer.

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Damn: The Drama With Iggy Azalea & Her Ex, Hefe Wine, Continues!

Iggy Azalea x Hefe Wine

Iggy Azalea and her ex-boyfriend Hefe Wine have been battling it out in court for a few months now. As previously reported, Hefe has been shopping around a sex tape of himself and Iggy from their relationship years back, as well as making plans to release music that Iggy recorded during their time together. Naturally, Iggy has been doing everything in her power to stop him, and new court documents reveal exactly how she’s feeling about the situation and what went down between the two. Get the full 411 below!

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Playboy Model Offered Big Bucks For Wiz Khalifa Sex Tape


Well, well, well– what a shocker. Playboy model Carla Howe is being offered a nice hefty check from Vivid Entertainment to sell her sex tape footage with Taylor Gang rapper Wiz Khalifa. Rumors started flying recently that the two had a porno flick together when some photos of them getting nasty went viral. Although Wiz posted the pic himself, captioning it “For Inspiration Only,” we know how Wiz has gotten down ever since his divorce with wife Amber Rose went public. He’s basically been out of control and smashing any and everything in sight.

As for Carla Howe, Vivid is offering her a nice six-figure check. Although Wiz admits getting nasty with the chick, he claims he has “no idea” it was being recorded. Sources say that the video shows Wiz looking right at the camera and even recording it with his own phone. This is why you shouldn’t smoke weed, kids. Poor guy has fried his brain so bad he doesn’t even remember filming a nasty homemade XXX video with a popular Playboy model. SHEEEEEEEEESH! As for now, the only thing holding back the video process is that they need Wiz’s consent before any deals can go through. I HOPE HE SIGNS! I would love to see that. I must see why Amber Rose was so beat over him. #WeNeedAnswers.

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(Photos) Shots Fired: Joe Budden Says Jhonni Blaze Gives WEAK Head!


New Jersey rapper Joe Budden is known for voicing his opinion very openly via his Twitter page about just about ANYTHING that comes to his mind. Recently, thick vixen Jhonni Blaze revealed that her ex-boyfriend is debuting their sex tape online at During an exclusive interview with Vlad TV, a clip of Jhonni’s sex tape was shown where you can see her performing sexual oral acts on her ex in the XXX video. With no shame, Joe Budden hops on Twitter and sounds off about her head game and how it looks weak. He also offers his help and says he will teach her, but his “days of teaching women how to have sex are over.” Immediately, Jhonni clapped back and says Joe’s “Finger game is just OKAY.” She then later went on to confirm that she and Joe never had sex and that the two just have very playful relationship. Hmmmmm, do we think Joey chopped Jhonni Blaze down #OrNah?! He does have a VERY impressive track record so I would not be surprised at all.

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(Photos) Jhonni Blaze’s Sex Tape Leaks Online By Angry Ex-Boyfriend!

Jhonni Blaze

Future Love & Hip-Hop: New York star Jhonni Blaze has only a few hours until her sex tape debut hits the internet full throttle. Her angered ex-boyfriend felt that he had the legal rights to blast their private sex tape all over the internet so he created a website, set a date and time and geared up for the release of their big XXX debut. At 12: 01 PM EST on December 4th, 2014, the tape will be available to view on Earlier this year, word hit the fan that Jhonni had an unprotected fling with Drake so it’ll be interesting to watch knowing she got it poppin’ with the popular rapper.

Although Jhonni is dubbing the sex tape as “leaked,” it looks to me (and everyone in the comment section) that she had something to do behind this. Maybe she’s trying to get her Kim K on or something but it seems like she filmed the tape knowingly, gave an exclusive interview and screenshots to VladTV and is just playing the victim to bank off of the XXX-tape but… *sips on tea with Kermit.* Let’s not forget a few years ago when she leaked her own porno flicks riding a dildo (report back to gallery to peep those 18+ pics.) I’m sleep though. Will you be checking out Jhonni’s freaky deaky porno flick when it hits the ‘net?

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(18+ Photos) Is There Gonna Be A Wiz Khalifa Sextape??


If there was a Wiz Khalifa Sextape, would you watch it? From the looks of the comments going around about Wiz Khalifa’s ‘man parts’, A lot, I mean A LOT of women would watch a Wiz Khalifa Sextape!!

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Excuse Me? Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Mimi Faust Receives Award Nomination For Sex Tape


Pitiful Shame! It’s not even 12 in the afternoon yet, and I’ve heard it all. Mimi Faust and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star, Nikko have been nominated to receives an award for their special sex tape performance. Tsk Tsk.

Find out the details after the jump.

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(Fellas Check The 18+ Pics) Draya Sextape? Yes LAWD!!! Pics From Alleged Draya Sex Tape Hit The ‘Net!


Whoa, a Draya Sextape, Former Basketball Wives star Draya Michele is the heartthrob of basically…well…everyone. Rumor has it that the Fine A*s Girls founder has a sex tape floating around the net and some EXPLICIT flicks from the video are now spreading around like wildfire. The man in the video is allegedly a rapper named Vain Starrz who she used to date. Take a look at the XXX pics in the gallery. Would you watch Draya’s sex tape? I WOULD! (shhhiieeeeeeet.)

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Usher’s Sex Tape Being Shopped Around On The Black Market!


Performer Usher Raymond is the latest celebrity to have an alleged sex tape floating around. Back in 2010, someone broke into Usher’s car in Atlanta and stole two laptops, two cameras and a million dollars worth of jewelry. The XXX vid, who features Ush and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond, was on one of the electronics. The thing is, the person who got their hands on the tape doesn’t realize they can go straight to jail for trying to sell the video if Usher doesn’t sign off on it and give permission (which he won’t do obvi.) Would you pay to see an Usher sex tape? *Raises hand* YES!

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(Video) K.Michelle Admits To Having A Lesbian Threesome And A Possible Sex Tape!!


K.Michelle has never held anything back! She always been an open book, from her Love & Hip Hop Days to now having her own reality show, she keeps it 100 at all times. So admitting to having a threesome and sex tape is just another day in the life of K!
Check out the video below!…

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