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(Video) Nikko & Mimi Discuss How To Work Shower Rod & Explaining Sex Tape To Daughter

mimi nikko vlad IFWT

Vlad recently sad down with Reality stars Nikko & Mimi Faust to talk in depth about their recent viral sex tape. Everything from whats to come in the future to how the sex tape came about… Even hinting that theres more footage.

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(Photos) Creep Alert: Construction Worker Recorded Woman Showering!

This “Creep Life” lifestyle has gone a little too far! Check this: In Soho, A construction worker set up his cellphone on a bucket on top of a woman’s fire escape to record her taking a shower in her apartment! After her 20 minute shower she peered out the window only to see a cellphone with a blinking red-light! She quickly grabbed the phone, and pressed play to watch her first (or so she says) homemade butt naked movie! My, My, My! Can you guess what else she found in the phone?

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WWE: A Win For Hulk Hogan — The Latest on His Sex Tape Lawsuit


Welp, here’s a win for Hulk Hogan. Heather Clem & Bubba The Love Sponge have been ordered to hand over sex tape with Hulk Hogan in a new lawsuit twist.  If you missed it, you really weren’t missing too much.
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(Video) LHHATL: Mimi Faust Talks Nikko & Compares Sex With Stevie J!

mimi faust talks nikko and compares sex with stevie j

Recently Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust did an interview and opened up about her relationship with boyfriend, Nikko. The reality star didn’t hold back talking about how she met Nikko, his music, inside their relationship and sex life. Faust also compared her new squeeze to her daughter’s father, Stevie J. To check out Mimi’s interview, click below.

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(Video) Ray J Talks Getting Famous From Sex Tape Just Before Getting Arrested


Ray J’s advice to coming famous quick? Make a sex tape. Ray J tries to tempt one of the girls in the new reality show Famous in 12 with the idea of shooting a Kim Kardashian style sex tape in order to shoot to stardom, just days before getting arrested for allegedly spitting on a cop.

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WOAH! Farrah Abraham Is Making HOW MUCH Off Her ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ Sex Tape?!

Farrah Abraham

When they say “sex sells,” they’re 100% correct! Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham claims she’s not a porn star despite her raunchy “Backdoor Teen Mom” sex tape, but she’s sure getting $$ like one! According to a bank statement from Vivid, the MTV reality star made $102,000 in royalties from her freaky vid, but that’s not all. That amount is only a QUARTERLY payment, aka she’s receiving that three times a year. All-in-all, she’s making around $306,000 a year off her XXX tape alone. However, after Abraham made several claims about getting raped at a bunch of different night club venues, the CEO of Vivid Entertainment Steven Hirsch said he’d offer her $1M to take a lie detector test to prove the rape claims were true. However, if the results came back showing she was lying, she’d have to give up ALL $$ earned from the tape. Needless to say, Hirsch hasn’t heard from Farrah since.

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NFL: The End Result of Chad Johnson’s Leaked Sex Tape


Here’s a W for Ochocinco  Christmas of 2012 fans got a gift of a leaked Chad Johnson sextape.  The video has been pulled, BUT there are still pics from it (see here).  Well Chad sued two sites that posted the footage and apparently since it’s been removed, he’s happy and doesn’t see a need to continue with any action.  Now if he can just get to play some football.
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(Photos + Video) SMH: Mimi Brings A Shower Rod With Her To Club Hostings

Mimi brings her shower rod to Black Diamonds strip club hosting

Mimi Faust is loving the newfound attention that the dreadfully boring sextape with boyfriend/Love & Hip-Hop co-star Nikko has brought her, and is milking it for everything she can. While hosting a strip club in ATL over the weekend, the mother to a young daughter brought her infamous shower rod along with her, and proudly displayed it as she amped the crowd on the mic and posed for pictures with the strippers. Such a classy woman.

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Oh PLEASE! Guess What Mimi & Nikko Are Trying To Say About Their Sex Tape!

Mimi Faust & Nikko's sex tape

In the words of my homie Lil Tunechi – “I wasn’t born last night. You know these h*es ain’t right!” Mimi Faust and Nikko’s [super boring] sex tape has hit the market, and you can clearly see in the video it was filmed for a purpose (aka to be a porno) – rather than just a happy couple making an intimate video for themselves. In a new interview, though, they’re attempting to look a little less thirsty for fame, and are saying that a bag containing the tape was lost at the airport, which led to its release. They allege that they soon after got a call from Vivid asking them to come in for a meeting about it, and after weighing out the pros and cons, ultimately decided to release it. GET THE F OUT OF HERE! Watch them lie their way through this one below. SMH.

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(Audio) REALLY? LHH:ATL’s Nikko Smith Makes A Song About His Freaky Shower Rod Porno Flick With Mimi

Mimi and Nikko answer questions about sex tape

Just when we thought Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust’s sex tape shenanigans couldn’t get any worse, this happens. Nikko seemed to have gotten so souped up from his new found XXX fame that he decided to get in the booth and make a song about it. As we’ve ALL seen, “Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta” shows the two partaking in some very….interesting sex moves that involve an infamous shower rod, hence why Nikko named his song “New Shower Rod.”(He put visuals from the sextape to it!) Pretty ridiculous to me but you have to hear it to believe it. Take a listen to the audio below.

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