Now that we know Charlie Sheen will not return to the sitcom and will be replaced by Ashton Kutcher…I’m sure everyone wants to know what role Kutcher will actually be playing. Well wait no longer we now know that Ashton will play an Internet Billionaire on the show. Find out more about Ashton Kutcher the Internet Billionaire after the jump.


TMZ reports that Ashton Kutcher will play “an Internet billionaire with a broken heart” on the rebooted version of “Two and a Half Men” — this according to the President of CBS Entertainment.

His name will be Walden Schmidt — but unlike Charlie Harper, Walden will share no family connection to the other characters.

The new season of “Men” is set to premiere in September — and according to reports, it will kick off with Charlie Harper’s funeral.

Lets just see how long this show will last on air after this drastic change. Will Kutcher be able to step into Charlie’s shoes and blow us away???