Spiderman is back as a black and latin-mixed young man. Crime comes in all forms, and now it will be beaten by a new one! Details after the jump.
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Yeah, Yeah I know this is mainly a Hip Hop Blog, but since this is my blog I’m going to veer off a bit. So today I saw a tweet from one of my friends and he was complaining about the fall out of having a Black Spiderman. So I’m thinking yeah dude any average comic head knows about Spiderman in a black suit. But his tweet back to me kind of threw me for a loop.

“No fool, they got a half Black half Latin Spiderman now”

So I jump online to do some research and low and behold it’s true – Spiderman is BLACK! Well half Black and half Latin.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean growing up I had two real stable manifests in my life Hip Hop and comic books. I had milk crates after milk crates of comics. I can recall X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Fantastic Four and Aquaman comics laying all around my room. Actually me and my cousin had a real falling out one summer when he sold our collection of over 200 to 300 comics to one of the neighborhood kids so he could take the money to buy a new boom box (that was ultimately used for our break-dance crew, but I digress)!

In Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Fallout Issue 4, the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe is a half-black, half-Hispanic teen named Miles Morales. He takes over the gig held by Peter Parker, who was killed in Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 160 in June. In his first appearance, he simply breaks up a fight. But readers will learn the true origin of Morales and how he became the new Spider-Man when Ultimate Spider-Man relaunches in September with a new No. 1 issue.

Morales’ journey will be a similar vehicle for today’s fans, says Marvel’s editor in chief, Axel Alonso. “What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st century who’s reflective of our culture and diversity.

But really, why not a diverse Spiderman? I mean it’s comics why not the strange, bold storyline. That’s why we read them right? I also like how these writers are pushing the envelope and testing how the public would react to something like this. The world is changing and guess, what comics books need to change as well.

My President is Black and apparently Spiderman is too!