I’m so excited about this!! I was just quoting Austin Powers the other day, “throw me a freakin bone here!! bong & a blitz? shmoke & a pancake?” LOL!! Well, get ready for some more fun because Mike Myers has just signed on to a fourth Austin Powers sequel! Get more details after the jump!


(HP)–Having thawed out from his first deep freeze in 1997, Austin Powers made three mega-hit spy spoof flicks in five years before going dormant again. Now, he’s once again headed back into the field (and the bedroom).

HitFix reports that star and creator Mike Myers has signed on to a fourth film about the groovy, transported 60s-era British secret agent, the first since 2002’s critically maligned but massively successful, “Goldmember,” which co-starred Beyonce and made $296,000,000 at the box office.

It will be Myers’ first trip back to the starring live-action big screen since his 2008 bomb, “The Love Guru”; he had a small part in “Inglorious Basterds.” He’s largely focused on voice work in his big money “Shrek” series. Something about Myers and accents derived from the British isles means major success, it seems.

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