Fueled by a $2.45 billion annual investment in products and powerplants over the next five years, the Jaguar and Land Rover brands can each boost U.S. annual sales to 50,000 units. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.
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“Both brands have some similarities in the fact that we are planning for growth predicated on product introductions,” said Goss, 53, who became president of Jaguar Land Rover North America on May 1.

But the goal is for Jaguar and Land Rover to draw first-time buyers, meaning the brands will have to build awareness, said Goss. And Jaguar’s 160 dealers, whose stores are a mixture of styles, will be urged to upgrade to a new common standard that will be rolled out in 2012, he said.

“From the network perspective, dealing with the volume isn’t the issue,” said Goss. “In terms of the network, it is getting them ready to understand that they will be dealing with people they haven’t dealt with before. You have to make them feel special.”

Goss said new marketing programs will focus more on one-on-one strategies, such as events to get would-be buyers behind the wheel of a Jaguar or Land Rover.

Five Land Rover training teams already are touring U.S. dealers preparing them for the launch of the new compact Range Rover Evoque SUV on Oct. 4. About half of Evoque buyers are expected to be women, Goss said. Today about three-quarters of all Ranger Rover and Land Rover buyers are men.