Two girls get bored and rob a liquor store. They’re surprised to be in jail now. I guess police can’t take a joke. Details after the jump.
Emma Rabid

One of two young women wearing blue body suits and rubber masks told police Wednesday that she and her friend were only joking when they ordered a package store clerk to open the cash drawer, according to a police report obtained Friday.

The pair — Arlena Clark, 23, and Megan Callahan, 21 — entered M & J Wines and Liquors on West Middle Turnpike on Wednesday at about 5:30 p.m., police said. A man who had seen them go in thought their all-blue clothing and character masks from the movie “Saw” were “very suspicious” and called police, the report said.

The liquor store clerk told police that one of the women said, “This is a stick-up,” and ordered him to open the cash drawer. The clerk yelled at the two and told them to remove their masks or leave, police said. They took off the masks and the clerk identified Clark, a customer he knew, “who told him it was just a joke,” the police report said.

Clark, who is homeless, told police they were wearing the blue costumes “to mess around because they were bored,” the report said. Clark acknowledged telling the clerk that she was robbing the store, but said it was only a joke, police said.

She and Callahan, of 22 Cumberland St., Manchester, were both arrested. Both were charged with conspiracy to commit third-degree robbery, attempted third-degree robbery and breach of peace. Both were held on bail of $25,000 each for apperances in Superior Court in Manchester on Tuesday.