Think there are a lot of Mini variants already? Hold on to your hats, because BMW is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Next month the new Mini Roadster will hit American showrooms, and next year, a two-door crossover (presaged by the Paceman concept from Detroit last year but carrying the Countryman Coupe in production form) should be available as well. But that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Funk Flex

With the third-generation Mini Cooper hatchback set to arrive in 2014, the Anglo-German automaker will soon begin the whole process anew. And when all’s said and done by the end of the decade, the Mini range will have – according to reports – grown by another three bodystyles for a total of 10.

The current lineup includes six bodystyles: the standard Cooper hatchback, the Mini Convertible, the Coupe, the Roadster, the Clubman wagon and the Countryman crossover. Throw the Countryman Coupe into the mix and you’ve got seven. What Mini will come up with next for three additional versions remains to be seen – we wouldn’t be surprised to see a minivan, a slant-back crossover or maybe a convertible crossover – but if anyone can milk the bodystyle cow for all it’s worth, we’re confident its initials are B-M-W.