Harlem’s Asap Rocky gives his opinion on Fashion Week’s top designers in a interview from GQ Magazine. He weighs in on European Fashion Week’s most outrageous looks like Givenchy, Raf Simmons and more. Check out the interview after the jump..

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From GQ:

“If I’m wearing Rick Owens and all that other shit, [people in the hood] are not used to that,” Rocky says. “I’m going to be a fashion icon in a minute. I’m not going to do it in a corny matter. I have a voice that speaks for a whole other market—not just black people, but high fashion urban people. I mix street wear with high fashion. It’s never been seen before.”

It inspired us to call up the fashion-forward rapper and get his take on the wildest looks from Paris and Milan. The verdict? “Dope as fuck.”


1. Givenchy

GQ: Say whatever comes to your mind—play fashion police.
A$AP Rocky:
I like it because it shows a different color pattern for this fall season. I think it’s still classic Givenchy, but at the same time, it’s much more complex; the stars give it an American feeling. I could see Kanye having fun with this look right here.

GQ: Have you rocked a skirt yet?
A$AP Rocky: Nah, he already did it, so I’m good on that. That’s his thing.

2. Moschino

GQ: This is a brick pattern suit by Moschino. What are your thoughts?
A$AP Rocky:
When people in L.A. pronounce it, they enunciate Moschino.

GQ: Oops! Moschino—silent “H.”
A$AP Rocky: That’s just how they pronounce it in the urban community. But, um, I feel like this is a bit much; it’s typical fashion runway apparel. Sometimes I feel like what’s hard for fashion designers to do is take looks from off the runway and actually put it into existence, into reality. That’s really the hard part. He looks like that character from Batman with all the question marks around him [laughs].

GQ: The Riddler!
A$AP Rocky:
Yeah! The Riddler. It’s more of a Riddler look. He looks like the Mad Hatter. But I actually like the pattern. The undershirt would look good on me. I could wear it. I’m actually thinking about purchasing it.

4. Rick Owens

A$AP Rocky: Rick Owens. It’s a bit much, I can’t lie to you. [laughs] He looks like a gothic astronaut. That’s all I can say. Actually, I think I can wear that coat, and get away with it. I wouldn’t actually button it all the way to the top, because he has an outrageous collar, but I feel like it all depends on how you wear that coat. I feel like I can get away with it.

GQ: All right, this is a big one.
A$AP Rocky:
Oh man, my boy, Raf Simons. It’s typical Raf right here! I can dig it, all the way. I can actually wear this whole outfit.

GQ: Awesome. When you say “typical Raf,” what do you mean exactly?
A$AP Rocky:
You got to look at it like…the dark shorts, the overgrown jacket with the symbols…It’s kind of on the dark side, but Raf sometimes switches it up. He might put a little gray in to make it gloomy. The gloomy oversized jacket. The shin dress socks—I get it. The tie with the shirt over it. It’s typical Raf right there, man. Trill shit. I love it.

GQ: This is a fall collection, and yet all the models are wearing shorts. What do you make of that?
A$AP Rocky:
I think that’s dope as fuck [laughs]. I like it. It’s different.

7. Moncler Gamme Bleu

GQ: This one’s designed by Thom Browne.
A$AP Rocky:
Oh man, I’m feeling it. Okay, first off, that guy Thom Browne is a fuckin’ maniac. I love it. I just got put on to him. And when he does Moncler, it’s dope as hell, man.

8. Jean Paul Gaultier

GQ: It’s JPG.
A$AP Rocky:
Jean Paul Gaultier! Oh man. Oh shit, man. Jean Paul Gaultier. I fuckin’ love it. Wooo. I love collecting his old glasses, his old frames, I have a bunch of them. The orange stands out, but I think it’s meant to make you appreciate the shirt tied around his waist. And, you know, from the leg warmers to the boot and even down to the hat. I think the whole jumpsuit is dope, I just would have picked a different color.

GQ: What do you think of the zippers?
A$AP Rocky: Zippers are in this season. Zippers and gators. Everything snake skin and iguana skin—all that is in right now. You know how last season was cheetah prints? Now it’s zippers and gator.

9. Maison Martin Margiela

A$AP Rocky: The jacket looks like it’s a Space-Age bum. I get it, but I don’t know if I would be able to pull it off—I feel it’s a bit much for me. I respect it. I don’t want to be a bad critic, but it’s a bit much.

GQ: The construction is nice, how he’s used what looks like the garbage ties as a belt.
A$AP Rocky: Yeah, that’s why I appreciate it.

10. John Galliano

A$AP Rocky: Oh man, this is good. Those shoes are killer. It kind of reminds me of, like, a Givenchy-Spartan look. He looks like Hercules or Zeus right now, I love it.

GQ: What about the gold top?
A$AP Rocky:
Honestly, he pulls it off. This is perfect. This is just too good, too good. I love the shoes, look at those shoes. Look at those pants! Those shoes are crazy, yo. Oh god, I love them. I love the pants, it’s like Raf-fresh meets sheriff. [laughs] He looks like a titan.

11. Adam Kimmel

A$AP Rocky: What Adam did, I get it, but I feel like the helmet was a bit much. I’m not a fashion designer, so I can’t be the best critic, because I don’t even know what it takes to come up with that type of creativity. I can appreciate it for being something different, but it’s not really attractive, and I think that’s the whole point—it’s supposed to attract you. But the track jacket is really nice. I like it.

12. Kris Van Assche

A$AP Rocky: Kris Van Assche. Oh man, this looks good. I used to be a huge fan of [Van Assche’s] designs for Dior. Like, ’07, ’08, ’09? Dior was killin’.

GQ: What do you like about this look?
A$AP Rocky: The space-age suspenders. He looks like he could be one of the Men in Black, a cool one, because he has blue pants. The shoes I can’t really see much of, but I’m loving the top. The top is so attractive, it complements the pants.

13. Etro

A$AP Rocky:I like it. Honestly, I have to say, I wish the fur coat was a different material.

GQ: Actually, I believe it’s made of feathers.
A$AP Rocky:
Oh, I couldn’t see. Well then, I think that’s creative. This model pulled it off.

GQ: A lot of these clothes are colorful, but your look is all black everything. Do you ever dress colorfully?
A$AP Rocky:
Rarely, rarely. Last year, I used to wear a lot of colors, and right now I’m just not wearing too much color. The all-black thing is a rebel statement, and that’s what I stand for. But who’s to say in a few months I won’t be back on it?

Photo: Getty Images