Under its current management, Lotus has proven nothing if not ambitious. Lotus can’t achieve its goals without help from the outside, however, and thus has has teamed up with established racing teams to field cars under the Lotus name in countless motorsport series, hunted for new capital from external investors and collaborated with Mansory to customize its vehicles. It’s that last joint venture that the British automaker is now preparing to expand.

Funk Flex

The collaboration goes back a little over a year when Lotus brought Mansory in to tart up the Evora with some extra carbon fiber bits that debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. That led to the production Evora GTE (pictured above) and subsequent special editions based thereon, but now Lotus and Mansory are preparing to roll out an entire customization range not only for the Evora, but also the Elise and Exige models.

The catalog, according to Lotus, will include custom “bodywork, trim and special finishes”, although not much more information was released at this point. The collaborative effort, however, is gearing up to unveil a new variant at the Paris Motor Show come September.