Lakers coach Mike Brown is understandably upset and disappointed in Andrew Bynum.  His answers to questioning are of course subdued but the level of disrespect Bynum has shown him would cause me to go off.  Read more after the jump.

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Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown admitted that he was disappointed in Andrew Bynum after the center was ejected in Friday’s 112-107 loss to the Houston Rockets.

“I’m disappointed because we told him, ‘You got one technical; don’t pick up your second,’ and he acknowledged us, and he went out and picked up his second when I thought he could have helped us win the ballgame,” Brown said.

After making a turnaround hook with 11:19 remaining in the fourth quarter, Bynum said something to the Houston bench as he ran back up the court.

Bynum received his first technical after he took issue with Samuel Dalembert.

“He acknowledged us, and it happened anyway,” Brown said. “When you have that, that is concerning. … Call it whatever you want to call it. It’s not right.”