Abusing authority? A Pittsburgh-officer was arrested for breaking into his neighbor’s house to do his laundry.  The house was vacant at the time, but hit the jump how his neighbor found out that the cop was using his washer and dryer.

Steph Bassanini

Dirty clothes have a Pittsburgh-area police officer in hot water.
Rankin police Officer Jason Rocco is charged with trespassing and criminal mischief for allegedly breaking into a neighbor’s home to wash his clothes.
Rocco lives next door to the Marie Avenue, Avalon house, which is on the market to be sold.
The owner hasn’t lived there for months so found it odd that his electric bill was unusually high, WPXI reported.
The homeowner told police he walked into his house and heard the dryer running.
He found a load of clothes inside, including police officer and Marine Corps T-shirts.
Avalon police who questioned Rocco said he told investigators the home’s back door was already broken and he ‘just had to do some laundry’.
He has since asked to get his clothes back.