Hopefully the bigger screen rumor will become a reality. Well check out some new rumors about the features of the iPhone 5!

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When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, audiences were wowed by the simplicity and the functionality of the phone, but many complained about the absence of physical keys. Unless you were looking directly at the phone, it was impossible to tell what numbers you were dialing or letters you were typing. Besides an iPhone setting that plays sounds when keys are pressed, Apple included no other source of feedback that could tell you when you’re touching a button or key.

Five years later, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world, but using the digital keyboard is still not as satisfying as using a physical keypad. One company thinks it has the answer: On Tuesday, Fremont, Calif.-based Tactus Technology unveiled its answer to the touchscreen keyboard at SID Display Week 2012, showing off a prototype of an interface with appearing and disappearing “keys” that rise out of the touchscreen to provide a guide for your fingers and feedback to confirm the selection.

“For years, people believed that the world was flat. They were wrong,” Tactus said in its introductory video for the product, which is also featured at the bottom of the page. “For years, people believed that touchscreens were only flat. They were wrong. Welcome to the new world of dynamic touchscreens.”

On a prototype Android tablet, Tactus Technology demonstrated how, at a user’s command, keys rise out of the screen when they’re needed, and recede back into the touchscreen when they’re not.

“The origin of Tactus goes back to 2007,” said Craig Ciesla, CEO of Tactus Technology. “Looking at the iPhone and all the elegance of that user interface, I also realized that I like my Blackberry with the buttons. What a tactile touchscreen is, it’s giving you the ability to have physical buttons that come out of the screen without giving up anything in a normal touchscreen. That’s been our goal from Day 1, is to make the integration of our technology very easy for our customers.”