A woman had a milkshake thrown at her by some thugs and instead of just driving away or cursing them out, she decided it would be a good idea to throw her expensive purse at the thugs. Unfortunately for her she must have really terrible aim because the purse landed in an open window of the milkshaker thrower’s car and they sped away with it. Her bag contained personal items and $2,000 and police are searching for the bag to return in. Why would she think throwing her bag with money and personal items in it would be a good idea?! Read more below.


Crime may have actually paid off for a gang of thugs who threw a milkshake into the face of a woman in Palo Alto, Calif.

That’s because she responded by tossing her purse into their Range Rover — which contained $2,000, PaloAltoOnline reports.

The incident took place before midnight on June 24, when the woman was walking down the street while the white Range Rover drove recklessly towards her, according to PaloAltoOnline.

Sgt. Brian Philip told the website that one of the occupants allegedly threw a vanilla milkshake that struck the woman as she approached the corner.

The woman attempted to get revenge by throwing her alligator skin purse at the passing vehicle, according to MSNBC.com, but, sadly for her, it went through an open window and landed in the car.

If that wasn’t humiliating enough, the purse not only contained several personal items but also $2,000 in cash.

Police are currently looking for the teens, AZCentral.com reported.

Sgt. Philip said his department has no descriptions of the milkshake tossers, but told PaloAltoOnline that, if found, they could face charges including battery for striking the woman with the milkshake, possession of stolen property and misappropriation of property.