This is pretty funny, and even more so because Pitbull has a sense of humor over the whole thing. Walmart is currently running a promotion on Facebook that will bring Pit to whichever Walmart in the country receives the most “likes” on its respective Facebook page. Being that you can essentially like any Walmart page regardless of your location, some pranksters found it funny to start up their own little campaign…this one getting everyone to “like” Walmart’s location in the remote town of Kodiak, Alaska…accessible only by plane or ferry! And guess what…their prank is working! Get the 411 and Pitbull’s response below.

Marisa Mendez

Via CBS Local:

A few pranksters took the opportunity to organize a campaign to make sure that Walmart is in Kodiak, Alaska. Kodiak is the main city off Kodiak Island and it is only accessible via ferry or airplane. To date, the Kodiak Walmart has over 44,000 likes — but the population of the island is only around six thousand people.

A #ExilePitbull campaign has also popped up on Twitter, encouraging people to like the Kodiak Walmart’s Facebook page and generating some jokes at the singer’s expense.

The contest continues until July 16, so you can still exile Pitbull…or perhaps try and get him to your local Walmart instead.

Pitbull is being pretty cool about it, though: