SMH, these two should know better… They are easily the biggest celebrities right now and millions of kids around the world are looking up to them, therefore they should not have taken this picture! Click below to see a photo of Justin holding a gun and Selena smiling.

Melissa Nash

Justin Bieber definitely missed the mark posing with guns on the new set of Feed the Dog. His girlfriend Selena Gomez is in the photo too, smiling for the cameras. While plenty of responsibility comes down on these two stars for their action, posing with guns is something that is inexcusable. The fans on Friday are horrified to see the two in the same shot especially since both are known to be good role models.

In one photograph Justin Bieber is holding a gun with the barrel pointing towards Selena Gomez and in another shot, he’s holding it away from people. Either way, the intensity of the moment has fans a little freaked out that he would even be willing to point a gun (fake as it may be) at another person.

In our currently society where guns have been used in theaters to kill people, like in the Aurora massacre where a sole gunman opened fire on a crowd, there needs to be a little more sensitivity. Pointing a weapon, real or fake, at another person is never acceptable.

Instead of shaming anyone, there should be an open conversation about violence and guns. It’s obvious teenagers idolize movies with mass weapons and some of the best storylines have guns involved. Distinguishing the difference between life and the movies could be a great way to help young people understand why it isn’t cool to be pointing guns at people.