Late Tuesday night, teenaged Chicago rapper Lil Jojo was gunned down in his hometown. The fact he was in the middle of a heated beef with Chief Keef and his crew, all eyes were on them…and they didn’t make for a good case. In fact, Keef did just the opposite. “Niggas dry snitching #ShhhhhhhhBrickboyz,” he tweeted to his over 200k followers. The name of Jojo’s crew was the Brick Squad. He also threw in some “haha’s” for good measure, as well as the other tweets we showed you yesterday, basically mocking the situation. Now, their local paper is reporting both Keef and his crew member Lil Reese (who Jojo’s real beef was with) will be investigated by Chicago PD. They also reached out to Keef’s manager Rovan Manuel who naturally, maintains his artist’s innocence. He points out Keef’s age as a factor for his immature tweets. See what he had to say below.

Marisa Mendez

…He was unaware of the controversy.” It wasn’t until being told about the Tweet by the Sun-Times that Manuel realized why his phone rang incessantly Wednesday. His number was posted on Chief Keef’s Twitter page.

But Manuel told the Sun-Times he didn’t believe the message meant “anything personally.” He said Keef had a beef with JoJo only because “that kid made songs like Keef.”

A lot of the stuff Keef does, that’s just cause he’s a kid,” Manuel said. “People forget that he’s a kid, a teenager … and kids make mistakes. He makes mistakes the hard way.”