Simon Cowell might think that he’s seen it all during his time on The X Factor, but he clearly wasn’t prepared for what fellow judge Demi Lovato had in store for him while filming.
She might have been known as a wholesome child star but the young singer is obviously keen to maintain her sassy image as she spat a mouthful of mints into Simon’s hand on set.
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Demi clearly wasn’t prepared as the TV mogul turned to her during an audition to ask her opinion, catching the blonde singer off guard.

Instead of putting the mouthful of mints into a tissue or under the table, the cheeky star grabbed her co-star’s hand and proceeded to spit them into it before bursting into laughter.

A disgusted Simon was clearly unimpressed with the 20-year-old star but could do nothing but sit there as fellow judges Britney Spears and LA Reid looked on in disbelief.

The fiery British judge then unleashed his notoriously sharp tongue on the Camp Rock actress:

‘Really, really grown up, Demi,’ he said. ‘You’re an obnoxious little brat.’

Unfazed, Lovato continued to laugh as Simon was forced to take the mints, which had come straight out of her mouth.