According to a new study, men now prefer smart intellectual women over very pretty ones, not that they can’t be both.Also for those women that can’t really cook there is good news for you, according to the study men are now less interested in those skills. Hit the jump.

Steph B

NEXT time a man throws you an admiring glance, he’s probably just heard the intelligent things you’ve been saying.
Many women will find it hard to believe, but new research suggests men increasingly value intellect and character in a partner over a shapely figure.
Apparently, traditional wifely skills such as being a good cook are also becoming less important to modern men, British scientists claim.
They say in Western societies where men and women are equal, interest in a woman’s appearance is in decline.
However, women now tend to be more interested in a man’s looks than before, and less preoccupied by their wealth as they are able to depend on themselves financially.
Dr Marcel Zentner, a psychologist at York University, said: ‘We found in societies like Britain, or especially in Scandinavia, men place increasing value on other qualities, like intelligence, rather than curvy figures or skill at cooking’.

But he added: ‘Traditionally, women prefer wealthy men who have an ability to invest resources in any children.
‘What we found was that as women because more equal, this preference declines, but men’s looks become much more important.’
His team surveyed 12,000 people in more than 30 countries asking them to describe which traits they most valued in a potential partner.
They tallied the results to the country’s ranking on gender equality, from the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index which looks at educational opportunities, health and political empowerment.

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