(Video) Armed Men Enter Police Station With Fire Arms

A 24-year-old Leonard man and a 40-year-old Jackson man were arrested after entering the Dearborn police station with tactical vests and armed with multiple firearms. The two men both filmed the incident. Cops were called early that afternoon after two suspicious men wearing tactical vests and masks were spotted at Ford Road and the Southfield Freeway. Once police arrived, the men were gone.

(Video) Memphis Men Rescue A 2-Year-Old Found Wandering The Streets At 3am Alone

This is crazy. Parents now-a-days do not watch their children the way they should.In a recent video, we see a Memphis man wandering outside the streets with his friend when he picks up a 2-year-old baby girl. The girl wandering all by herself at 3am.

Study Shows Marijuana Relieves Pain Better In Men Than In Woman

A recent study is now showing that Marijuana relieves pain but more so for men than woman. The study says that the two bodies react different to the drug.

(Video) Matthew Hussey Explains Why a Man Shouldn’t Have To Entirely Pay For Dates

Matthew Hussey, author of the best selling book “Get The Guy”, speaks straight up blasphemy… according to a conference room filled with women. Check out what he had to say about the controversial topic that’s been debated pretty often nowadays.

(Video) WTH: Men Are Now Getting Tapered Weaves

Lord, the fashion statment these days is getting crazy. Men are now getting tapered weaves!

(Video) Group Of Men Rob A Gun Store Stealing At Least 50 Guns

A group of atleast 10 men are now on the run after robbing a gun shop at 4:30am. The men used a chain and a pickup truck to break the door off of the shop. Upon entering, they went on a rampage stealing atleast 50 guns.

(Video) Woah…Two Men Set On Fire During Fight In Baltimore

An angry co-worker set two of his fellow co-workers on fire after an argument that sparked violence…this is graphic video so watch with your own discretion. Hit the jump for the full story and video.

(18+ Pics) Pumpkin Carving Tools That Are Extremely Explicit!!

Soooo this set of prefabricated carving shapes is called Pornkins and is truly not intended for kids at all, unless your ready to explain the “Birds and the Bees” way to early!!!

Three Men Arrested Following A Treasure Hunt In Sewers Below NYC

Three men are facing some serious charges after allegedly combing the extensive NYC sewer systems in search of valuables.

(Video) Men Claim Their Video Shows Former Officer Ray Tensing Harassing Them

After murdering Samuel DuBose and pleading not guilty, citizens across America have raised the 10% of the 1 million dollar bail set for the former campus officer. Right now, he’s walking the streets as a free man, which is infuriating many other Americans that find justice, once again, has not been served. Now, video has surfaced on the internet to strengthen the fact this former officer has transgressed before as he exceeds what’s necessary in the video attached.

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