DEA Allows Research On Smoking Medicinal Marijuana!!

While the official/unofficial weed holiday 4/20 may have passed, it looks like marijuana enthusiasts might want to toke up again for this one.

Tech: Researchers Find URL Shorteners Create Holes In Cloud Security

Two web security researchers recently published a study exposing the privacy problems related to using URL shorteners. Microsoft and Google already offer URL shortening services in many of their cloud services. The image above shows Google addresses found through short URLs associated with a single user in Austin, Texas.

(Photos) OH! Could THIS Be The Reason Big Sean and Ariana Grande Split?

With a seemingly happy relationship having been displayed for the past 8 months between Big Sean and Ariana Grande, their breakup earlier this week left everyone scratching their heads. Their reasoning for “scheduling conflicts” made it that much more confusing, as they’ve always had to travel for work since meeting each other – so why would now be any different? While naturally they’re both benefiting from the added public interest in their careers now that they’re being talked up on television and blogs galore, there may be a calculated reason for this split to benefit from the press – the release of their latest song together.

Amazing!!! Baby Cured of H.I.V. Virus?!?!

Johns Hopkins has designed a new HIV fighting treatment that is intended to rid infants of the virus within 48 hours of being born. The baby, an infant from rural Mississippi, was infected by the mother who did not know she had HIV. Within 30 hours of being born, the baby had a few tests that tested positive for HIV. Read more about this amazing baby after the jump.

Dinosaurs Smaller Than We Thought?!?!

A recent study on the curvature of bones in Dinosaurs shows that the creatures that roamed the earth thousands of years before us were a bit skinnier than we would perceive and lighter than most projected. Usually scientist would measure the bones width and height and make assumptions about size Charlotte Brassey a biomechanist at the University Of Manchester England a researcher in the study said it’s different than the take a measurement and then “scal[e] this up to the size of a dinosaur” approach. Her new study of the curvature of the bones and how the stress amasses on the bones may paint a slightly different picture on what these prehistoric creatures were actually like. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

If Your Girl Only Knew …

If you are a man in a relationship and cheating , you do NOT want your girl to know right?Yes, SUPER obvious(hear me out). She is either going to do everything Aaliyah said in her track or worse.  In my opinion worse, nowadays a scorned woman isn’t unplugging her phone and ignoring you.  She’ll probably make it her job to thoroughly research you and destroy your life post-break up.  Okay besides the fear this may instill in you there is a legit reason why you should not cheat, it actually causes heart attacks! Hit the jump Steph B

Early Music Lessons Have Longtime Benefits

Getting your child involved in music at an early age can prove to be a huge payoff. According to a study done by researchers at Northwestern University, early childhood musical training can strengthen your auditory skills but, of course, this isn’t a one year gig. Children must remain active in their music lessons to reap these longtime benefits. Read more below. FunkMasterFlex

New Large Lung Cancer Study Suggests Targeted Treatment

Patients with squamous cell lung cancer may have a reason to smile. Researchers may have found some promising results for a new type of treatment. Yay. Read more below. Minosoar

California is Spending More Money on Jails than Higher Education!!!!

No surprise here. Jails and prisons are the new aged high schools. Research shows investment in higher education has decreased 13% in California. Get it together Cali. Read more below. Minosoar

What Does A Man Prefer???

According to a new study, men now prefer smart intellectual women over very pretty ones, not that they can’t be both.Also for those women that can’t really cook there is good news for you, according to the study men are now less interested in those skills. Hit the jump. Steph B

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