Looks like T-Mo could be in the iPhone 5 sweepstakes.  According to T-mo rumors  4different versions of the iPhone  were spotted on internal systems.  The only question will it be the iPhone 4 or 5.  Either way its a win for T-mo

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On Monday, T-Mobile UK added placeholders into its internal and external systems for four new iPhone sizes; whether it was intended for a global audience to see, we still don’t know (and we expect another statement from them later today). But according to T-Mobile’s website, the iPhone listed only as “iPhone X” will come in black in white colors and in four storage capacities of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

T-Mobile’s listing is actually counter to what most news companies have reported recently, which is that Apple will only sell the iPhone 5 in three sizes, throwing out the 8GB model.

On Sept. 7, 9 to 5 Mac posted a codes matrix for the new iPhone launch “from a source at a well-known U.S. retail chain.” The codes listed the new iPhone, a.k.a. model N42, with three different price points ($199, $299, and $399) and two different colors (A and B signified black and white).

There’s no way of knowing which of these rumors or reports is more accurate, so we’ll just have to wait until Wednesday to find out how many storage capacities of the iPhone Apple has in mind.