The huge tire company, Goodyear, has found a way to deal with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes’ driving problems. Free driving lessons! Goodyear has offered the two lessons for their recent driving woes. Click below to read more.

Jason J.

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are such terrible drivers … tire giant Goodyear has decided to offer the actresses FREE driving lessons — hoping to reduce the danger they present behind the wheel … to themselves and others.

A rep for Goodyear just fired off near-identical letters in an attempt to reach Lindsay and Amanda, writing, “We’re sorry to hear about your latest driving mishap … We’re concerned for your safety and the safety of those who hit the road each day, and we’d like to help out any way we can.”

In case you forgot, Lindsay’s latest mishap occurred this week — when she was arrested for allegedly hitting a pedestrian in NYC and fleeing the scene. Amanda’s had countless mishaps in the last several months — including two alleged hit-and-runs and one alleged DUI.

Goodyear’s solution — the tire company says it wants to fly the girls out to its headquarters in Akron for “a private 1-on-1 lesson with our professional drivers — no paparazzi allowed — who can show you all the do’s and don’ts of driving safely.”

According to the letter, Goodyear is offering Amanda and Lindsay full access to its awesome test track and course for the lessons.

So far, it’s unclear if either Amanda or Lindsay plans to accept the offer — but if they don’t … we’ll totally go in their place.