No one is more excited about this potential news than me! Tim Burton and his cast of Frankenweenie are promoting the film this week together, and that includes two other Beetlejuice alum, Winona Ryder (Lydia) and Catherine O’Hara (the uptight mom, Deelia). While the three came together for a reunion of sorts (Catherine and Winona didn’t see each other while recording the voiceovers), talk of a BJ2 came up….and it was more than just random chatter. Are they with it? Find out below!

Marisa Mendez

“I heard it’s being written, that’s all I know,” Winona teased.

“The writer is writing something and I have no idea when it’s coming,” Burton revealed. “I have no expectations.”

“I didn’t give him too much [direction] because I want to try to not have a lot of preconceived ideas about it,” he added. “Sometimes you want to be surprised.”

But he won’t be saying much more about the project until he he sees a little more.

“I love the character. If it’s a good script, great,” says Tim. “There’s no point really for me thinking about it until i see it.”