A woman with the goal of losing 70 pounds started a blog to detail her personal journey and experiences with weight loss.Her blog gained many followers and turned into a forum for a lot of women with the same struggle. According to some of these women they were either encouraged by the blog or it distracted them enough that they did not eat. Hit the jump
Steph B

Web-savvy women are now sharing their every bite, weigh-in, workout, and body image issues with the wider world thanks to a boom in weight loss blogs.
Inspiring others, and themselves, as they strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, hundreds of weight loss blogs are popping up daily as more women struggle with their diets.
Mother-of-two Roni Noone set out to lose 70 pounds five years ago, starting the blog Just Roni as a way to share her experience. With over 200,000 followers, her blog, which she says played a huge part in her successful weight loss, has turned into an active community.
Mrs Noone explained to ABC News: ‘That simple commitment made a world of difference. Something happened. Something clicked. The goal of blogging weekly was something completely in my control. It was a conscious decision I made and I only had myself to blame if I didn’t keep up with it.’
Another blogger, Gail Geden Spenser, 50, writes about working through the tougher obstacles she faces while trying to lose 50lbs on her blog, Shrinking Sisters.

‘I’ve shifted my blog writing time to 9pm, as a way to keep my hands and brain busy during the danger zone. When I do that I’m less likely to wonder what’s going on in the kitchen,’ she said.
Doctor Gary Foster, a psychologist and director of the Center for Obesity research and Education at Temple University, said he believes women blog about their weight loss to find encouragement, as well as express their struggles through an online diary.
He said: ‘Losing weight is really tough, so the more support someone can get the better. If blogging gives you a feeling of not doing it solo, it could be really helpful.’

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