(Photo) Chipotle Can Cause Weight Loss???

We all look at Chipotle as the “McDonalds” of Mexican food. With fastfood restaurants, there are always healthier choices on their menu. Devin Cunningham loves Chipotle and wanted to take on a challenge of eating Chipotle everyday for a year and see if he can actually lose weight.

Major Karma! Jared Fogle Is Gaining Back All His Pre-Subway Weight In Prison

What goes around comes back around…in inches if you’re Jared Fogle. Before he was infamous for fantasizing about child pornography, he was famous for shedding 200 pounds from his size 60 pants by eating Subway sandwhiches – must to the launch of his and Subway’s careers. Since, he’s been sentenced to 15 years in prison and is 3 months in. A close source reveals how much weight Jared’s already actually gained back, his eating habits, and how he gets treated in jail. Hit the jump.

Subway Diet Guy, Jared Fogle’s Home Raided By The FBI Looking For Child Pornography

UPDATE: I saw this one coming a mile away. I the wake of the child pornography investigation, Subway is riding themselves of Jared Fogle. The sandwich franchise’s website posted, ‘Jared’s Journey,’ a section full of Jarod’s weight loss, games, interviews and more. However, they are slowly taking things down. The section now redirects back to the Subway homepage. Subway has yet to release a statement in the matter. Although I’m sure they will be severing all ties in the next 72 hours. ORIGINAL: Things just got real with the guy who lost about two people in weight. Jared Fogle’s home raided by the FBI looking for child pornography. Find out more down bottom.

(Video) Bey Hive Turn On Bey After Vegan Announcement

We all know Bey Stops the world! “World STOP!.. Carry on” .. like her famous new quotes that she lives up to. The world stopped alright, when they heard that Beyonce had an announcement that would air at 8 am on Good Morning America. Everyone expected a tour date , a new album date a new video, something! Wait until you see the reaction the Bey Hive and other fans had after they find out it was only a Vegan Announcement.

Beyonce Speaks Out On Her Curvy Figure + Weight Loss: “I’m Proud Of My Curves”

Although many beg to differ, Beyonce is NOT perfect and no, she did not wake up like this. The singer appeared on Good Morning America to discuss her vegan diet called The 22-Day Revolution and her curves that she loves. “I am not naturally the thinnest. I have curves,” Bey said. “I’m proud of my curves and I have struggled since a young age with diets and finding something that actually works, actually keeps the weight off, has been difficult for me.” Marco Borges, the creator of the diet plan, explained the diet and how it works. “Psychologists have learned that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So if you adopted a healthy habit over the course of 21 days, on the 22nd day, you’ll be armed with a new habit. That is the magic to sustainability.” WELL Bey, we love your curves, too! Hopefully she doesn’t loose too much weight.

Beyoncé Launches Vegan Meal Delivery Service With Her Trainer, Marcos Borges

Beyoncé was spotted out dining with (and possibly checking – looking at that pointed finger!) hubby Jay Z last night at a sushi spot in Los Angeles, fresh off making the announcement that she’d be launching a vegan meal delivery program. The Queen Bey, along with her personal trainer Marcos Borges, have partnered with 22 Days Nutrition for a program that includes entirely plant-based meals, with no gluten, soy, dairy or GMOs.

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