“I see a lot of talking on twitter” were the words of Flex to me. I was like “Who?” He said “I see Dizaster and Mook exchanging words, I jumped in real quick” as to let them know their back and forth jabs are not going unnoticed. Then we found ourselves watching some classic battles and many recent ones(S/O to SMACK & the URL spent many days on their Youtube page, along with some from KOTD, Grindtime, Fight Klub). This became a re-occuring thing, daily battles were being talked about and watched on the net. When I say everyday I mean everyday. To the point that it was like “Yo, I got a site and I want to put a list together” I’m like “copy cool.” Which brings us here, this is not a top 50 in order, it’s a list of battles that were watched. With the explosion of Battle Rap after Canibus Vs. Dizaster and Loaded Lux Vs. Calicoe, we seemed to have battles on the forefront of other things. This is his list (your opinion doesn’t matter as to who was missed on the list and why he chose who he chose) and be clear that it is subject to change (more battles are being watched as I write this). Some dudes will get cut off the list and the list will be updated. I’m sure you will enjoy watching these battles. Shout out to everyone who takes their craft serious as we come across so many different styles and talented rappers. Click below and enjoy.

WiL Major

Jae Millz Vs. Sire Castro

Jae Millz Vs. Murda Mook

Dizaster Vs. Canibus

Dizaster Vs. DNA

T-Rex Vs. Un Kasa

Cassidy Vs. Freeway

Loaded Lux Vs. Murda Mook

 Serius Jones Vs. Jin

Remy Ma Vs. Lady Luck

Math Vs. Dose

T-Rex Vs. Conceited

Tsu Surf Vs. K-Shine

ENJ Vs. Nyckz …Ohh You Mad Cuz Im Stylin’ On You

Hitman Holla Vs. Hollow Da Don

Hollow Da Don Vs. Goodz

Calicoe Vs. Arsonal

E Ness Vs. Iron Solomon

Jae Millz Vs. E Ness

Iron Solomon Vs. Murda Mook

Meek Mill Vs. Teck

Reed Dollaz Vs. South Bronx

Reed Dollaz Vs. Trigga

E Ness Vs. Hollow Man

Tsu Surf Vs. X-Factor

Big T Vs. Tsu Surf

Charlie Clips Vs. Serius Jones

Cyssero vs. Axel

Jin Vs. Shells

Cyssero Vs. Major Lead

Charlie Clips Vs. Aye-Verb

Jin Vs. Serius Jones

DNA Vs. T-Rex

French Montana Vs. Scar Child

Party Arty Vs. Murda Mook

Math Hoffa Vs. Calicoe 

Goodz Vs. Conceited

K-Shine Vs. Calicoe

Hitman Holla Vs. Arsonal

Jin Vs. Iron Solomon

Dizaster Vs. poRICH

Dizaster Vs. Megadef

Cortez Vs. Conceited

T-Rex Vs. Young Miles

Hitman Holla Vs. Aye Verb

Big T Vs. Hollow Da Don

Dumbfoundead Freestyle Battle Knock Out ***Having Fun With The List***

Swave Sevah Vs. Dizaster

Jin Vs. Verse

Verse Vs. Murda Mook 

Stack Bundles Vs. Nah Jordan